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As school’s restarted, I’ve been spending more time in Hong Kong, and have been on the ground for the past month and a bit. That’s fine with me as I can stay caught up on work, though I’m excited to be traveling quite a bit in the next month.

I’ve been constantly updating a new “Upcoming Reviews” section on this blog, which gives a few of you regular readers a place where you can anticipate new reviews that will be appearing on this site. However, I realise that review traffic on this site has been slow lately, so I’d like to share some of the upcoming trips that I’ve booked. I’ll be doing a bit of (mostly regional) flying within the next month, which I’m excited about, so I’ll share some of the details of my flying below.

a map of asia with a red line

I planned the following trips over the past few weeks, and am truly looking forward to them.

Thai Airways Business Class Hong Kong To Bangkok

Over my time in London I met some new people, many of which I’ve become close to and have kept in contact with. Midterm holidays are next week, and I’m glad to be spending a couple of days in Bangkok, where I’ll also be reviewing the brand new Park Hyatt.

Unfortunately we do have a time constraint as Hailey only has three days off, so I wasn’t able to play with my schedule to try the Thai A380 or the Emirates A380, despite them both having reasonable fares (Hong Kong Airlines was on my radar, but we booked a little too late to catch their best fares). I’m still glad to be re-reviewing Thai’s A330 as well as trying their 747 in business class for the first time, and I’ll be sure to check out some of the upgraded Star Alliance lounges in Bangkok on the way, too.

IMG_1660Thai Airways Airbus A330 Business Class

I secured a fare that allowed us to try the product for HK$3,800 per person, which I believe is reasonable for business class on an intra-Asia flight. Obviously with a little more schedule flexibility I’d have been able to take a fully-flat bed for the same price, though I guess that’s something to look forward to for next time.

Cathay Pacific Economy Class Hong Kong to Denpasar

While I dish on Cathay Pacific’s shell economy class seats, the last time I’ve flown in them was 2014. I think a review of Cathay Pacific’s shell economy class product is overdue, where I fly their shell product so you don’t have to.

I’m slated to fly to Bali on a school trip next month, and will be spending ~10 hours in this economy seat. Now that Cathay Pacific’s cut this seat from all of their longhaul routes, as well as retiring the 747 and A340, their Denpasar route is probably the longest route that still operates with these dreaded economy seats. Nonetheless, I’m eager to give these seats another try, as I remember thinking that the seats weren’t as bad as people thought.

DSCF6030Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300 Economy Class

Bottom Line

I’m excited about my travel this month, and hope you’ll find value out of the reviews I get out of it too. Ultimately Cathay Pacific will be replacing their 777-300 seats soon, so I hope to review their 3-4-3 configured economy seats, despite being pretty sure that it won’t be a comfortable ride. While I wish I could review Thai’s new longhaul product, ultimately Thai Airways still flies their older angled flat seats on some pretty long flights, so I hope you find more use out of that review.

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