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Hey there – I’m Jason.

I’m a 21 year old student. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, but I’m now based in upstate New York. I’ve loved airplanes ever since my parents bought me my first toy plane. My initial love for aviation has since grown into a (mildly unhealthy) interest in the airline industry. To this day, I’m teased by my friends for my passion for airlines – although that teasing miraculously goes away every time I help my friends score a good deal on a trip.

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My main interests in the airline industry are in the passenger experience, network planning, and fleet planning. Most of my posts tend to be about one (or more) of these topics. I also dabble with frequent flyer programmes, but I’m still getting the hang of the whole “travel hacking” thing. Hence, I don’t necessarily feel entirely comfortable writing about them just yet.

I met Alvin on my elementary school bus route where we bonded over our love of planes. We would often invent “fake” airlines with imaginative names like “Alvin Express”. Second-grade me would probably be disappointed that none of our concepts ever got off the ground. That being said, if anyone is looking to invest in a bogus startup, feel free to reach out to us.

When Alvin started YTHK almost a decade ago, he graciously invited me to join the team. While I’m not quite sure what possessed 12-year-old me to put my airline industry hot takes on the internet, I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to channel my interest in aviation into this blog.

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To quote Chinese philosopher Laozi, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (and perhaps, a bloody mary, a paperback rom-com, and a Spotify playlist stacked with sad songs). I’m excited to bring you along my actual travels, as well as on my metaphorical journey to learn more about the airline industry.

Feel free to email me about anything YTHK or plane related at jason@youngtravelershongkong.com. Welcome aboard and thanks for stopping by our blog!