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So far I think I have a rather good understanding of the Cathay Pacific Group’s offerings. I’ve done Cathay Pacific’s regional economy, regional business, longhaul business, longhaul economy, premium economy, and their A350 business class, as well as Dragonair/Cathay Dragon’s economy and business class on their A330, and their economy class on the A321.

img_2543Cathay Pacific/Dragonair’s economy class is actually currently my favourite economy product in the sky

I’ve also been extensively writing about the product that I haven’t even seen before in person, Dragonair’s A320 economy product. I’ve been dying to try it for a year and a half now, given that there are literally zero reviews of the product up on the Internet.

IMG_3787Dragonair Airbus A320 Economy Class

Well, hopefully the time has come to give a shot at it. As of next Sunday I’ll be on a short trip to Xiamen, hopefully away from all the assessments I’m currently engulfed in. Both flights are booked in two-class A320s, though as of now there’s no way to tell if my flight will be refurbished (well, the seatmap is different from SeatGuru’s, and SeatGuru displays the seatmap for the old A320, so maybe that’s a good sign?).

SeatGuru’s single-class A320s have 49 rows of economy, their two-class A320s have 47 rows and ExpertFlyer shows that my flight has 48 rows, as well as a business class cabin. Makes sense, given that the seats are slimline now, so there’s space to squeeze in one more row (I’d imagine there’d be more, but Dragonair also put in their new business class, which takes up two more inches of seat pitch than the old business class did).

IMG_8765.jpgDragonair’s other A320 economy seat

Bottom Line

I’m excited to see what’ll be in store…but at least I have two shots, as the return is also booked on an A320. While I missed on the A350 first try in June, at least I got a second try.

Who’s been on Dragonair’s new A320 economy class? How was it?

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