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Nihao from Xiamen! Today I flew from Hong Kong to Xiamen on Dragonair’s A320 (I’d call it Cathay Dragon, but the formal change is next Monday). I lucked out on one of Dragonair’s refurbished planes, so I may be one of the first to review Dragonair’s refurbished A320 on the internet.

img_2944Cathay Dragon Airbus A320 Hong Kong Airport

Unfortunately the WiFi where I’m staying is lacking, so five pictures are going to take me the night. Of course, when I get back to WiFi-equipped Hong Kong, a full trip report will be to follow.

img_2964Cathay Dragon Airbus A320 Economy Class

The seat itself uses the same seat covers as Cathay Pacific’s A350 economy class, and the padding is really comfortable.

img_2960Cathay Dragon Airbus A320 Economy Class

The legroom in this seat is ample, but I found it to be significantly less than what you’d expect on their A330s or A321s.

img_2974Cathay Dragon Airbus A320 Economy Class Legroom

A cool thing about the cabin were the overhead bins, which were part of Zodiac’s new SmartBin project. The bins have indicators that are white when the bin is stowed properly, and red when it isn’t (as you can see above, one of the bins wasn’t stowed properly during takeoff).

img_2992Cathay Dragon Airbus A320 Economy Class Overhead Bins

This flight, tablets weren’t passed out due to the flight having such a short duration. I still managed to use the StudioKA app, though, which I’ll review extensively once I get back from Xiamen and into Hong Kong.

Bottom Line

Cathay Dragon’s new A320 economy class is a step up from what they offered in the past, and is pretty solid, in my opinion. No, it’s not an industry leading product, but I found the seat to be significantly more comfortable and well padded than the old A320s.

I’d still avoid the new A320s for true screens, and I do still prefer their A330 and A321 economy over their A320 economy purely in terms of seat comfort. It’s a substantial improvement over the old A320, though, in my opinion.

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