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The day we flew back was a rather hectic one for us, as my mother had to get stuff (long time readers know what that means) from a department store near where we were situated. We made our way to the airport at around 3 PM for our 6:00 PM flight.

DSCF5948Views upon Arriving Osaka Kansai Airport

We arrived at the airport at around that time, and made our way into the terminal towards check-in, which was quick.

DSCF5949Osaka Kansai Airport Exterior

The airport is airy and bland at the same time, resemblant to what I’ve seen at the check-in halls of Incheon Airport or Fukuoka Airport.

DSCF5951Osaka Kansai Airport Departures Check-in Hall

We got to the Cathay Pacific check-in counter, where the line was short for business class and Marco Polo Silver members. We were through in pretty much zero time, with the agent telling us that our seats were guaranteed.

Due to my mother and my own seats 18H and 18K being at the last row, they were assigned “priority seats” for disabled passengers in business class, so we would get knocked out of these seats if there were passengers that needed these seats during the flight. We struck lucky this time, which I definitely didn’t mind.

DSCF5950Cathay Pacific Check-in Counter Osaka Kansai Airport

Immigration was much less of a pain than it was on the way there, and we were through in 15 minutes, getting to the lengthy main terminal area (that doesn’t actually have any gates – all gates are a monorail ride away, with the “lower” gates in the north terminal and the “upper” gates in the south terminal). It sure shows the fact that Osaka Kansai Airport is the longest airport terminal in the world.

DSCF5952Osaka Kansai Airport Terminal Post-Immigration

While we were assigned gate 5, I wanted to check out the JAL Sakura Lounge, which was located on the other side, by gate 38. I asked quite a few people if I would be able to get back to the other side if I got to gate 38, who all said there would be service back to the main terminal, where I could walk my way over to the other monorail by gate 5 (in case you guys were wondering, they weren’t lying and there were no hiccups in terms of transport).

The monorail features unobstructed views of the tarmac, so I had a lot of fun there. Some planes featured included a Scoot 787-9, a Scoot 787-8 and some other aircraft.

DSCF5954DSCF5955Osaka Kansai Airport Monorail View

The monorail ride lasted all of two minutes, and soon I found myself near the end of the airport that normally seems to be used by Japanese airlines. While I was admiring the views from the side of the airport, I spotted a Japan Airlines 787.

DSCF6004Japan Airlines Boeing 787-8 Osaka Kansai Airport

The lounge was located in the south terminal opposite gate 38, and was open to a number of airlines, as well as oneworld airlines and affiliate partners.

DSCF6006Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Signage

The lounge looked modern even from the outside, something that definitely carried on through the entire lounge.

DSCF6005Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Entrance

Walking into the “hallway” led to automatic doors, of which the reception was situated. Thankfully this isn’t a Priority Pass lounge, so there wasn’t obnoxious signage that got half the world attracted to the lounge.

DSCF6001Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Entrance

DSCF6002Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Entrance Signage

I walked past the doors and was welcomed by the friendly receptionist, who checked my boarding pass and granted me access. However, before I entered she said that there wouldn’t be a boarding call for my flight. The aged chairs situated by the side were the only aged furniture I saw anywhere in the lounge.

DSCF5999Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Reception

I made my way past the reception and into the main area, the dining area.

DSCF5956Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Dining Area

While I’ve seen bigger lounges, the lounge was gorgeous. For an outstation lounge, it was incredibly modern, well decorated, clean and not crowded.

DSCF5957DSCF5958Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Dining Hall

To the right was a seating area consisting of chairs facing one another, though these were comfy and not jam-packed at all. It felt incredibly spacious with lots of natural light facing the tarmac.

DSCF5959DSCF5960DSCF5984DSCF5985Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Quiet Room

The actual “middle part”, the dining hall, was the biggest area. It featured bar seating by the windows and two communal tables in the middle, as well as 1-1 seating by the side. Each seat featured a power port and it was just a nice, open space.

DSCF5961Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Dining Hall

DSCF5971Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Dining Hall

In the middle was also a chandelier of sorts that just made the area look more refined and spacious.

DSCF5987Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Dining Hall

DSCF5988Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Dining Hall and Chandelier

By power ports at every seat, I mean power ports at every seat.

DSCF5989Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Dining Hall Power Ports

Meals were only allowed in the dining hall.

DSCF5986Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Dining Hall Signage

They weren’t universal power ports, so I couldn’t charge my computer, though I still found it a really nice touch. There were USB ports that allowed me to easily charge my phone.

DSCF5982DSCF5983Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Dining Hall Power Ports

The actual food was great, ranging from soup to plenty of hot dishes. While I didn’t really have time (I was just here to check out how nice the lounge was, and not actually here for relaxation time), I did get some rice and JAL’s signature Sky Time drink, which was really weird (the only bad thing about the spread, actually).

DSCF5962DSCF5963DSCF5964DSCF5965DSCF5966DSCF5967Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Food Spread

Yes, in addition to the fact that the spread was high quality, it was also really big.

DSCF5968DSCF5969DSCF5970Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Food Spread

DSCF5981Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Food Spread Rice and Sky Time Drink

Past that the room was split into two. There was a smoking lounge – while the bar seats looked good, I wouldn’t want to spend any time there as a non-smoker (yes, even if I was an adult).

DSCF5972Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Smoking Room

Then to the left was possibly my favourite part of the lounge, despite food not being allowed. It was a relaxation/nap room, and featured lots of comfy chairs lined up. The chairs were perfectly square, which was smart, so there’s technically capacity, while they’re perfectly trimmed and have awesome capacity. It was also pretty empty.

DSCF5992Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Relaxation Room

At the very back of the room were two massage chairs, which I definitely could use if I had more time.

DSCF5995Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Relaxation Room Massage Chairs

Apart from the three areas, there was also a business center connecting the relaxation room and the dining hall. While no computers were situated there, it seemed like a good place to work.

DSCF5976Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Business Center

I sat by the bar for the duration of my stay, where I saw one of China Eastern Yunnan’s newer 737-700s push back.

DSCF5980Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Tarmac View

Compared to the rest of the lounges, the bathrooms were rather shabby, actually, though still miles ahead of what’s offered in other lounges nowadays.

DSCF5997Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Lavatory

DSCF5998Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Osaka Kansai Lavatory

I left the lounge at about 5 PM to be one of the first to board the plane, which worked out fine, as the road back to the train (as well as the train itself) was literally empty.

DSCF6007Osaka Kansai Airport Way Back to Main Terminal

The views from the train were, once again, amazing.

DSCF6008Scoot Boeing 787-9 Osaka Kansai

DSCF6009Cathay Pacific Planes Osaka Kansai

From there, it was off to Lounge Pacific for a short look.

Bottom Line: Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge KIX

While the Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge isn’t any competition for, say, the Cathay Pacific Pier Lounge, it’s a great outstation lounge that is an asset to Japan Airlines’ lounge repertoire. I can’t wait to return the next time I’m in the area.

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