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Dragonair G16 Lounge Hong Kong Airport
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UPDATE: The Dragonair G16 lounge closed shortly after my visit in 2016; Cathay Pacific redesigned the space and opened their new lounge, The Deck. I checked it out in June 2019 here.

We had trouble getting a taxi to the airport on the morning, and made it to the airport, to get into a long business class check-in queue. We were over by 7:10, so I had exactly 10 minutes to run over to this lounge, complete a picture tour, and still be one of the first onboard. I had vowed to check out this lounge and didn’t want to break my promise.

The lounge is (obviously) located near gate 16, near the SilverKris lounge.

DSCF4961Dragonair G16 Lounge Hong Kong Entrance

I was checked in by the friendly agent at the counter who, in a friendly tone, reminded me that boarding would begin in ten minutes. Thanks.

DSCF4971Dragonair G16 Lounge Hong Kong Entrance Hallway Art

DSCF4972Dragonair G16 Lounge Hong Kong Doorway to Bathrooms

The lounge was rather shabby and past its prime, consisting of a few chairs that were comfortable but looked terrible.

DSCF4962Dragonair G16 Lounge Hong Kong

Further in there were more comfortably padded red chairs with tables that were way too low for working, and “proper” dining tables with wooden chairs that were far less comfortable.

DSCF4964Dragonair G16 Lounge Hong Kong Seating

The chairs faced towards each other, not really facing the tarmac at all.

DSCF4967Dragonair G16 Lounge Hong Kong Seating

Nearest to the tarmac were rows of chairs that faced each other – they could have utilised to space to make it face the planes or something, but apparently not.

DSCF4969Dragonair G16 Lounge Hong Kong Seating

Then there was another little excluded area by the corner. I didn’t really mind the red and grey, but the green was revolting.

DSCF4970Dragonair G16 Lounge Hong Kong Seating

Near the corner by the gate there was a business center. There’s more, but I didn’t really have time to visit during my short stay.

DSCF4968Dragonair G16 Lounge Hong Kong Business Center

The lounge also consisted of a food spread which seemed to be limited to noodles and a few breakfast options during the entire minute of my stay.

DSCF4963DSCF4965DSCF4966Dragonair G16 Lounge Hong Kong Food Spread

I bid farewell to the front staff and hustled over to the gate, where I was the first out of the business class passengers to join the queue (there were a few frequent flyers before me, but that was it). I was excited to try out the A330 in business class.

DSCF4974Cathay Pacific Airbus A330 Hong Kong Airport

Boarding started at 7:40 with business class passengers and Marco Polo Emerald/Diamond members.

Bottom Line: Dragonair G16 Lounge HKG

Dragonair’s G16 lounge seemed to be state-of-the-art about 15 years ago, but now it’s just past its prime. Would I return? No.

If you’re stuck there for whatever reason, it’s not a horrible place. However, with the Qantas Lounge and all, I’m not sure why you’d bother.

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