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Review: InterContinental Osaka – Deluxe Twin Room (Osaka, Japan)

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Introduction: B(r)oken on Cathay Pacific
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Cathay Pacific A330 Business Class Hong Kong to Osaka
InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin
InterContinental Osaka Two Bedroom Superior Residence
InterContinental Osaka Two Bedroom Deluxe Residence
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Cathay Pacific 777 Regional Business Class Osaka to Hong Kong

As part of our business class package with Cathay Pacific, we hit the InterContinental Osaka after a terrifyingly long immigration queue. The hotel is located in Umeda District, connected to Grand Front Osaka, of the biggest malls in the area.

DSCF5494InterContinental Osaka Entrance

There’s a little ground area, which took me a while to realise wasn’t the lobby. The decor was warm and inviting, as were the staff.

DSCF5178InterContinental Osaka Ground Floor

DSCF5177InterContinental Osaka Ground Floor Seating

It was incredibly modern and well designed, while being more “upscale”. It’s exponentially better designed than the InterContinental Hong Kong.

DSCF5176InterContinental Osaka Ground Floor Art

DSCF5175InterContinental Osaka Ground Floor Stairs

A friendly associate escorted us up to the lobby, and the same lady proceeded to greet us and help us with where we needed to go every morning. I have no idea how she remembered us…

DSCF5174InterContinental Osaka Ground Floor Lifts

DSCF5179InterContinental Osaka Ground Floor Art

We got up to the lobby on the 20th floor, which was cavernous yet managed to be inviting, warm, modern and not eerie at all. It also had a little Japanese flair (in the form of statues) that made it different from, I suppose, an IC in China.

DSCF5180InterContinental Osaka Lobby

DSCF5181InterContinental Osaka Lobby

DSCF5182InterContinental Osaka Lobby

DSCF5183InterContinental Osaka Lobby

The front desk negotiated some options of us being in a suite the entire stay, but realised the hotel was out of suites the second night, so we’d just move up there night three as planned. I didn’t know what was in store, but I was fine with that, given that a room with a desk and 2-3 comfortable beds is really all I need.

We were then led to our room on the 27th floor, greeted and bowed to by every associate, something we all, amazingly, find common in Japan.

DSCF5213InterContinental Osaka Lift Lobby

The hallways are subtly decorated and don’t feel cruise-shippy. They’re definitely one of the best I’ve seen in a pretty long time.

DSCF5212InterContinental Osaka Hallways

DSCF5184InterContinental Osaka Hallways

Our deluxe twin room was located not far from the lift lobby, and I just felt like the room signage was so well decorated.

DSCF5214InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Room Entrance

The footprint of the hotel isn’t big by any means, but isn’t too small either, with 27 rooms on our floor. 

DSCF5208InterContinental Osaka Floorplan

InterContinental Osaka
Check-in: Friday, March 25, 2016
Room Type: Deluxe Twin
Room Number: 2728
Stay duration: 2 nights
Check-out: Sunday, March 27, 2016

The room featured an entryway leading to a walk-in closet, while the bathroom entrance was on the right.

DSCF5207InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Entryway

DSCF5505InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Walk-in Closet

I was left rather speechless as I entered the room. I was expecting it to be a good size, but I didn’t expect the room to be so massive. The room featured two very comfortable beds, a desk facing away from the room, a flatscreen TV and a chaise longue.

This is their entry level room, so I can’t even start to imagine what their bigger rooms are like (I’ll cover the suites in the two later installments).

DSCF5186InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin

By “comfortable”, I literally meant comfortable. Those beds are great.

DSCF5190InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Bed

Everything was so harmoniously decorated, from the wooden finishes everywhere to the random touches of white stone.

DSCF5188InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Desk

DSCF5189InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Flatscreen TV

DSCF5496InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Flatscreen TV

And, unlike other hotels, the chaise longue was comfortable.

DSCF5187InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Chaise Longue

There were statues on display in the room, like this one:

a sculpture in a nicheInterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Display Statue

There were many touches to the room, including a tea party set, some fancy lamps, and electronic blackout curtains.

DSCF5332InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Tea Party Set

DSCF5204InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Swanky Lamp

The minibar featured what you’d expect – unfortunately, it wasn’t free.

DSCF5331InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Minibar

There was also free wine.

DSCF5206InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Free Wine

The room featured gorgeous, ever so slightly obstructed views of the Yodo River.

DSCF5201InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin View

DSCF5202InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin View

DSCF5497InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin View

DSCF5330InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin View by Night

The bathroom was separated from the room with glass panels, and thankfully there were shades, which actually makes the bathroom look more modern as natural light shines in without anyone seeing anyone else naked.

DSCF5471InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Bathroom

It featured a sink, an enclosed toilet and a separate party shower/tub.

DSCF5193InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Bathroom Sink

DSCF5196InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Bathroom Toilet

The bathroom featured A380 cockpit-style buttons.

DSCF5465InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Bathroom Toilet

DSCF5464InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Bathroom Toilet Controls

The shower would fit an orgy of up to nine. I really couldn’t believe this was their entry room and not a junior suite.

DSCF5192InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Bathroom Shower

DSCF5191InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Bathroom Tub

DSCF5198InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Bathroom Shower Area

For it to be so tastefully decorated was just stunning – the marble didn’t feel displaced, and even the cups matched the colour theme.

DSCF5195InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Sinkside Amenities

The entire bathroom featured Agraria amenities, which were actually pretty good, even though I haven’t seen them before.

DSCF5194InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Bathroom Agraria Amenities

In addition to those there were also various salts on top of the bathtub.

DSCF5199InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Bathroom Agraria Amenities

Overall the room was very well appointed and deserved its place as the best hotel in Osaka. It was simply stunning, and I had no complaints. And the WiFi was quick as well, which was great.

The service vibe at the hotel was really warm. Not only were the staff themselves really warm, friendly, inviting and willing to help with everything, the actual service procedures were out of this world. For example, turn down service included a yukata…

DSCF5327InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Yukata

…a bag of candies (which were never nice but at least different every day)…

DSCF5329InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Candy

…and the most amazing setup on my rollaway that we needed for the two nights in this room. I’d never seen so much attention to detail.

DSCF5326InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Rollaway

DSCF5328InterContinental Osaka Deluxe Twin Rollaway

Our package rate included breakfast, which was served at Restaurant InterContinental every morning, a well-appointed restaurant.

DSCF5340InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental

The breakfast spread was pretty amazing, both in terms of quantity and quality. It ranks as one of the better spreads I’ve ever had.

DSCF5341InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5342InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5343InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5344InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5345InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5346InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5347InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5348InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5349InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5350InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5351InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5352InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5353InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5354InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5355InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5356InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

DSCF5358InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Spread

The restaurant operated rather funny in the sense that eggs (that I didn’t order during my two days having breakfast at the restaurant) were ordered at the table and waffles/pancakes were ordered outside at the pancake station. They were all delicious, especially the waffles.

InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Menu

DSCF5367InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Waffles

DSCF5369InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Waffles

DSCF5366InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Pancakes

The iced tea glassware was nice.

DSCF5365InterContinental Osaka Restaurant InterContinental Breakfast Iced Lemon Tea

Service at both the restaurant and the hotel were amazing. We were addressed with a bow and seemed to be recognised by most front counter staff members, who either asked us how the room was or how our day was at wherever we went to (we asked for directions every morning).

Bottom Line

For an entry level room in Osaka, the InterContinental is hard to beat. The rates aren’t sky high, the rooms are purely amazing and the food and service are great. The InterContinental highly deserves its place as the best hotel in Osaka on TripAdvisor (which I normally don’t take seriously) and I really wouldn’t hesitate to return especially under the package fare that I reserved.

Add that to two reverse herringbone business class flights and you have the perfect trip planned for you.

In terms of the hard product, the suites (or at least the first one) were a different story, though…

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