Other Trip Reports

Boat rides

Ferry Ride Standard Class Gushan Ferry Pier to Cijin Scenic Area
Hong Kong Kowloon Ferry Standard Class Lamma Island to Central Ferry Pier
Fullers GreatSights Hole in the Rock Cruise Standard Class Russelltown to Paihia (brief)


International Terminal Kaohsiung International Airport
Terminal 1 Singapore Changi Airport


Pingtung County


Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort: My Thoughts
Our Whistler Apartment: Pinnacle Ridge
Midfield Terminal Hong Kong Airport
Teaching in Myanmar

Biking in Lijiang
(Day 1, Day 2, Day 3)
Pictures of Koh Samui (and Taipei) from February 2013

Kenting Street Night Markets
Jinzuan Night Markets
Pictures of Taichung and Taipei from August 2013


It’s The Journey That Matters – January 2017 (Alvin)
Too Low for a Tulou
– November 2016 (Alvin)
Night of the Lounges
– September 2016 (Alvin)
London to Zurich Via Hong Kong
– July 2016 (Alvin)
AY, What a Trip – July 2016 (Jason)
Mission Cathay Pacific A350
– June 2016 (Alvin)
B(r)oken on Cathay Pacific
– March 2016 (Alvin)
Grub Steaks and Getting CX’d (Twice): A February of Flying
– February 2016 (Alvin)
Three Days in Bangkok
– January 2016 (Alvin)
Engaging Myanmar
– November 2015 (Alvin)
To London and Paris
– August 2015 (Alvin)
Biking in an Ancient City
– May 2015 (Alvin)
The Easy Way to North Korea
 – April 2015 (Alvin/Jason)
Weekend with the Mosquitoes – February 2015 (Alvin)
Ni-hong-go Madness – December 2014 (Jason)
To Shanghai for Books, Parks and the New Economy – October 2014 (Alvin)
Kyushu Karnival – August 2014 and the “Khronicles” from May to August (Alvin)
OneWorld Extravaganza – July/August 2014 (Jason)
Northbound Hop – May 2014 (Alvin)
Blingapore – April 2014 (Sergio/Alvin)
Down to Modern Middle-earth – February 2014 (Alvin)
To Peking and Back – June 2013 (Alvin)

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