EVA Air’s NEW 787 Business Class Seat — WOW!!

Greetings from Taipei! Last Saturday, I flew to Hong Kong and right back onboard EVA Air’s brand new 787. EVA hasn’t been flying their 787 for long, and I was actually flying them on the third day they operated the plane. While I was seated in economy, I had the chance to check out EVA’s brand new business class product.

EVA Air Boeing 787 Business Class Cabin

I booked these flights so I could check out the new products onboard EVA’s newest flagship plane, and I’m proud to say that I found the new seats to be both stunning and beautifully designed.

What is the brand new business class onboard EVA Air’s 787 like? Watch the video and read below to find out!

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My Experience Contacting Three Airlines: What’s The Best Way?

Before a flight, there are many issues that may arise which require you to contact the airline – those being special meals, seat selection, special requests or accommodations, or just the simplest of things you have to know, such as whether baggage can be checked to your final destination. Since each airline can be contacted in a multitude of ways, knowing the best method can save you tons of time and energy. For example, you can avoid wasting hours on the phone waiting for an agent that won’t help you at the end of the day.

It’s worth noting that I wrote this post based on my extensive experience contacting various agents of the respective airlines on a variety of occasions over the course of many months. You may have a different experience contacting these airlines.

What is the best way to contact the airline for information and/or help on Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore Airlines?

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ACT FAST: Scoot’s New Year’s Flash Sale

I came upon some incredibly low fares on Scoot’s website, as part of a New Year’s flash sale, with highly discounted tickets departing from all of their destinations. I don’t think they will last very long, and are likely to sell out soon, so book ASAP if you are interested! Because of various departure/destination and date combinations, feel free to play around on Scoot’s website. They look like GREAT fares!

Scoot Boeing 787 at Taipei Airport Bound For Tokyo Narita

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