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EVA Air’s NEW 787 Business Class Seat — WOW!!

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Greetings from Taipei! Last Saturday, I flew to Hong Kong and right back onboard EVA Air’s brand new 787. EVA hasn’t been flying their 787 for long, and I was actually flying them on the third day they operated the plane. While I was seated in economy, I had the chance to check out EVA’s brand new business class product.

people in an airplaneEVA Air Boeing 787 Business Class Cabin

I booked these flights so I could check out the new products onboard EVA’s newest flagship plane, and I’m proud to say that I found the new seats to be both stunning and beautifully designed.

What is the brand new business class onboard EVA Air’s 787 like? Watch the video and read below to find out!

Video Review

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EVA Air Boeing 787 Royal Laurel Business Class Video Review

EVA Air 787 Business Class Cabin

EVA Air’s brand new Business Class on the 787 is arranged in a spacious 1-2-1 layout, which means everyone gets direct aisle access. The seats are in a staggered configuration, with seats alternating between being closer and further from the aisle.

a man standing in an airplaneEVA Air Boeing 787 Business Class Cabin

EVA Air has put in a lot of effort in designing the seat finishes and color tones, which I love. These finishes were actually designed by Dreamworks, an affiliate company of BMW. The cabin ambiance incorporates a stylish and modern design — I loved the shiny grey finishes with lime green hints, which exuded a sense of luxury while retaining brand integrity.

a row of seats on an airplaneEVA Air Boeing 787 Business Class Cabin

a plane with seats and people walkingEVA Air Boeing 787 Business Class Seat 7K

All seats have a protective shell around the edges, which made the seats more private. With the spaciousness it provided, the seat felt like my own office in the sky when I tested the seat out. While the configuration is nothing new, I found the effective use of partitions to be innovative, because it offers passengers great privacy while not making them feel claustrophobic.

a row of seats in an airplaneEVA Air Boeing 787 Business Class Cabin

The seats also feature a generously sized footwell that serves as an ottoman. All too often these configurations have ottomans that are far too small, so I really liked that the EVA’s ottomans were large and spacious enough for passengers to relax.

As with all airline configurations, some seats are better than others. For business travelers and guests flying alone, I would recommend selecting one of the window-side seats (odd-numbered rows), which offer additional privacy to meet their needs.

a seat on an airplane with windowsEVA Air Boeing 787 Business Class

This is due to a sliding privacy partition available at each window-side seat — just one example of the attention to detail EVA put into these seats. This design is currently unique to EVA Air and contributes well in making this seat industry leading, because of the flexibility it offers to passengers sitting next to each other. While the even-numbered window seats also have a shell that acts as a privacy shield, there’s no extra privacy screen, so those seats feel less private than others. The middle seats further from the aisle have the partition installed between the seat and the aisle, whereas the aisle-side middle seats have it on the side of the neighboring seat.

a screen on a table in an airplaneEVA Air Boeing 787 Business Class Seat 7K Privacy Partition

a seat in an airplane with a table and windowsEVA Air Boeing 787 Business Class Seat 6A

Another feature that really stood out was the massive 18-inch touchscreen monitor, which complemented a brand new inflight entertainment system. On the side of each seat was also a large tabletop surface to work on, as well as several compartments to store small belongings.

a screen on a planeEVA Air Boeing 787 Business Class Screen

Bottom Line: EVA’s 787 Business Class

Overall, the new business class seat chosen by EVA to install on their brand new 787 is an excellent choice. While the seats themselves are nothing new, I really appreciated the thought put into the smaller details, including the privacy screen, the privacy shields at aisle-side seats, and the responsive entertainment screen. I loved the beautiful cabin finishes as well.

Ultimately some people will prefer a reverse herringbone seat to this (which EVA currently features on their 777s), especially for those seated in aisle-side seats with less privacy. In this configuration, you’ll definitely get more enjoyment out of a windowside seat, or if unavailable, a middle seat further away from the aisle. However, regardless of seat choice, EVA’s 787 business class is still is a great way to fly due to its modern and elegant designs.

How To Fly EVA’s 787

EVA Air will initially fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner on flights to Hong Kong, as well as other destinations in Asia, before launching it on long-haul flights to Europe and Australia next year. The next inaugural route for the 787 is to Tokyo Haneda on December 1st, 2018.

a group of airplanes at an airportEVA Air Boeing 787 Hong Kong Airport

In the coming days and weeks, I’ll also be posting reviews of the economy class cabin as well as the service. Here’s a preview.


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Have you flown EVA’s 787 business class? What are your impressions of the product?

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