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Iberia's flagship lounge is decidedly middling, with uncompetitive seating and limited food and beverages (including an a la carte menu that isn't served to 90% of longhaul passengers)


In November 2021 I had the chance to check out some of Iberia’s lounges at Madrid-Barajas airport, ahead of an Iberia business class flight from Madrid to London. I never got around to posting the lounge reviews, though I thought they would still add value, so here you go. 🙂

Iberia largely operates out of Terminal 4 at Madrid Airport, and they operate two lounges there. The Velázquez lounge is Iberia’s lounge for non-Schengen passengers, and is located in the terminal’s satellite concourse.

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Location, Access and Opening Hours

Once passing through customs at Madrid Airport, I followed signage to the S-gates. I went past immigration and hopped onto a train to the satellite terminal, where the Velázquez lounge was easily visible in the midst of a duty free maze. Signage to the lounge was clear throughout the satellite terminal.

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid Airport Entrance

I was promptly admitted by a friendly lounge agent.

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Seating and Atmosphere

Iberia’s Velázquez lounge features a very, very long room. The design is bright, and there’s a lot of natural light (though the view out of the windows lining the “long” side of the lounge is partially obstructed by blinds, with only a few areas to peek out of to see the tarmac and runway).

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid Airport Seating

Most of the lounge consists of chairs and coffee tables, where you’ll be able to park a few light bites and a drink, but won’t be able to properly sit and eat or work comfortably.

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid Airport Seating

However, there were a few proper sit down areas. Pictured below is the work area that I spent the bulk of my stay, complete with universal power ports.

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid Airport Table Seating

By one end of the lounge there was another section that spread out at a right angle from the “length” of the lounge, though that area was closed during my stay.

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid Airport Closed-Off Seating

I would’ve preferred a greater variety of seating, as well as more options to prop a laptop and work.

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Food and Beverages

There was a mix of hot and cold food buffet items during my stay at the lounge, though nothing was especially appealing.

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid Airport Food Spread

By one end of the lounge was a wine bar and restaurant, which wasn’t staffed at the time of my visit. Theoretically the lounge advertises an a-la-carte menu, though even in 2023, the menu is apparently only available from 9 PM (so almost exclusively for passengers headed to South America, since Iberia doesn’t have many other flights operating this late).

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid Airport A-La-Carte Dining and Wine Bar

There are also Illy coffee machines dotted throughout the lounge (these machines generally do good coffee), though there isn’t anything in the way of barista coffee.

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid Airport Tea and Coffee Corner

I’m not sure why they even bother with an a la carte dining section, given that most Iberia passengers don’t have access to it? I wasn’t expecting to be catered to since I was just flying to London, though presumably Iberia would want to open up the restaurant area for departures to the U.S.?

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Amenities

The lounge features a sleeping room, which seems to have reopened (though was closed during my stay).

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid Airport Nap Room

In addition, you’ll find a play area for kids near the middle of the lounge.

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid Airport Play Area

I didn’t visit the shower rooms, though they look fairly nice. I’ve nicked a photo from Callum Elsdon:

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid Airport Shower (credit: Callum Elsdon)

Iberia Velázquez Lounge WiFi

WiFi at this lounge was easy to connect to, and quite fast.

Planespotting at the Iberia Velázquez Lounge

I had most fun in this lounge spotting a variety of aircraft at Madrid Airport, including an Iberia A330, a British Airways A380 (this was back when British Airways was flying their A380s to Madrid), a Qatar Airways 787-9, and even an Iberojet A350, which was the first time I’d heard of the airline back then! The lounge has excellent tarmac views, and unlike a good chunk of the lounge at this point, they couldn’t unavail the tarmac views “for safety reasons”.

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid Airport Planes

Conclusion: Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid Airport

Iberia’s flagship lounge at Madrid Airport is middling – the basic amenities such as WiFi, showers, and nap rooms are there, though the seating isn’t particularly great and the food selection is weak. I’d say that a la carte dining would propel the lounge to an above-average standard if the feature was available round the clock, though unfortunately that’s not the case.

This lounge hits approximately a 5/10 score in terms of meeting the top 10 things I look for in an airline lounge (it’s quiet, has a dedicated relax area, and has good workspaces, good WiFi, and showers), and that’s about how I’d rate the lounge.

What do you think about Iberia’s lounge offerings in Madrid?

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  1. Thanks for posting the review! Did you also check out the Iberia Dalí lounge? It was quite a decent space last time I went (which was also a business class flight from Madrid to London!).

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