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As you know, last Tuesday I had the amazing opportunity to visit Hong Kong Airlines’ newest A350. While they currently fly four A350s, those were leased after Azul Airlines cancelled their orders, so they’re delivered with staggered seats. Meanwhile, Hong Kong Airlines’ newest Airbus A350s are delivered with reverse herringbone seats, and the economy class seat is also different from what they have on their current four.

Today I released a video detailing my time in Hong Kong Airlines’ newest A350, including footage of their new cabins, as well as interviews from CMO Mr. George Liu, General Manager of Inflight Services Mr. Chris Birt, as well as General Manager of Social Media Mr. Dennis Owen (he’s also a great friend, since I knew him back when he was working at Cathay Pacific). Thanks to them, as well as the airline’s Communications Manager Ms. Tracey Kwong, for making everything happen.

The video’s slightly thrown together, but I wholeheartedly recommend you at least skim through some of the exclusive footage of their new cabins, which I was lucky enough to get:

I’ve written extensively about Hong Kong Airlines’ A350, including:

a plane with rows of computersHong Kong Airlines Airbus A350 Business Class Cabin

Expect a comparison between Hong Kong Airlines’ and Cathay Pacific’s A350 business class hard products in the coming days.

In the past couple of months I’ve also been making video reviews on my YouTube channel, which I’d really hope you’ll take the time to check out. So far I have videos of my flights in Virgin Atlantic’s 787 Upper Class, as well as Korean Air’s 747-8 first class – their respective text reviews on this blog are here and here.

To clarify, I don’t mean to move my reviews to YouTube anytime soon. I’m not a vlogger, I’m awkward on camera, and I’m much better with typed-up words. Plus, this blog is my baby, and at the end of the day I’m just trying to capture a bigger audience so they can come here and read our reviews, which will hopefully influence their travel decisions for a better trip.

GIVEAWAY: Hong Kong Airlines also gave me a free amenity kit that I’d like to ship to a lucky reader in Hong Kong. To participate, go on the video’s YouTube page, give it a like, subscribe to my channel, and comment your FAVOURITE DESTINATION in the comments section OR at the bottom of this post! Sorry, this is for viewers in Hong Kong only, and I’ve opened the kit once just so I could shoot the below photo (glittery cat pencil case not included):

(Giveaway ends Sept 21 20:00 HKT)

a small white bag with a city design on it


  1. Los Angeles would be one of the best routes for the A350 because of better travel connections within the US cities and where you can maximise comfort for the reverse herringbone seats.

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