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EVA Air has long been quite a leader in their business class product. While the same can’t be said in their mediocre premium economy product and their latest 3-4-3 economy configuration, their longhaul fleet has reverse herringbone seats, and their soft product is also known to be outstanding, with generous amenities, good bedding, great food, and pajamas.

Well, EVA ordered a bunch of new 787-9s which have just arrived, and they seem to be changing their business class seats up on those aircraft. Here’s a quick walkthrough through the business class cabin on this aircraft (I really like this video):

EVA Air 787 Business Class Walkthrough

As you guys can see above, EVA Air went for the Vantage XL seat on their 787s, which is also used by SAS, Qantas, and Rwandair, among other airlines. Vantage-style business class seats aren’t my favourite configuration, but out of all the possible iterations of this configuration, I like the Vantage XL seat the most.

I haven’t flown the Vantage XL seat, but here’s a review of a similar configuration on Swiss (there are differences, though you’ll get a general “feel” of the cabin structure with the linked trip report here).

IMG_0143Staggered configuration similar to (but not exactly) EVA’s new configuration in Swiss 777 business class

EVA’s old 777 seats were reverse herringbone seats, which I actually prefer. Part of me is wondering why EVA Air switched to a Vantage XL seat, since reverse herringbone seats are just as densely configured and are more universally acclaimed, though admittedly EVA Air’s version of this seat didn’t have as much storage space as some other reverse herringbone seats out there.

a row of seats in an airplaneEVA Air Boeing 777 Business Class Cabin

a seat in an airplaneEVA Air Boeing 777 Business Class

However, I do see why EVA Air went for this configuration, and quite like it, since it maximises storage. I also like how sleek and sexy the cabin looks – something that couldn’t be said about their aging-looking 777s.

a plane with seats and windows EVA Air 787 Business Class Cabin

One thing I see as a downgrade with these new seats would be that some seats are significantly more private than others – half of the seats here are closer to the aisle, which makes for less privacy, especially in bed mode.

a seat in a plane EVA Air 787 Business Class Cabin

a room with rows of televisions and screens EVA Air 787 Business Class Cabin

However, overall I’d say I’d be really happy to fly in this seat configuration.

a shelf with headphones and a bottle in it EVA Air 787 Business Class Storage

a close up of a seat EVA Air 787 Business Class

Meanwhile in economy, EVA Air went for some sort of a “jungle theme” outfit, which I like – it’s quirky. The seats themselves are Recaro CL3710 economy class seats, similar to what I saw on Hong Kong Airlines a couple weeks back.

rows of seats in an airplane
EVA Air 787 Economy Class

The first 787 will be limited to flying between Taipei and Hong Kong after it arrives on October 2, whereas the second 787 will spread to some destinations in North Asia, for crew familiarisation. After that, the 787 will begin to fly longhaul.

Anyone like the look of these new seats on EVA Air’s 787?

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