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One caveat regards arriving at the D gates is that the entire plane had to go through customs. I’m not sure why that is, but it was a long and drawn-out process, where we had to do the usual, and also take off our boots, which wasn’t something we had to do anywhere else on the trip. While it wasn’t much of an inconvenience for us, as we were transiting anyway, I’m not too sure how the people leaving from Zurich Airport thought of it.

I saw signage for the Swiss D lounge, and asked my mom if I could quickly snap a few pictures before I went over to the A side. She obliged, and I was on my way. I followed the signage which led up to an empty hallway, with the Swiss D lounge at the very end of the hallway.

img_5036Swiss Business Lounge D Walkway

I didn’t set my expectations of the lounge too high, as I knew that Swiss’ D lounge is even less reputable than the other two lounges – while that’s not saying much regarding their amazing Dock E lounge, their Dock A lounge is mediocre at best. Still, I wanted to check it out, so I made my way to reception and gave my boarding pass, which they scanned.

img_5037Swiss Business Lounge D Entrance

I commended how nice the lounge looked, and asked if I could take some pictures, which they obliged to, though they warned that there “was a lady over there”. Soon, she left, so alas, I had the lounge to myself. This was all I needed to know, and I whipped out my camera.

The lounge was one big L-shaped, room, though it was separated into three parts to increase privacy. The entrance led straight into the middle part of the lounge, which was a hallway with a few chairs facing each other. I can’t imagine why you would sit there, as there were seats by the dining area and these didn’t look comfortable in the slightest.

img_5038Swiss Business Lounge D Seating

I turned left towards the relaxation area, where there were quite a few sofas facing each other. Apart from the sofas I don’t think there are any other places where you can relax in this lounge, so I can’t imagine the lounge being pleasant when it’s crowded. It sure was pleasant when I visited, though!

img_5039Swiss Business Lounge D Seating

I actually quite liked how nice the area was, from the general brown-white tones you see at Swiss lounges to the brown stone walls. So in terms of decor, I liked the lounge. There were definitely limited seating options, though, so I hope this lounge doesn’t get too crowded during the day.

img_5046Swiss Business Lounge D Seating

img_5047Swiss Business Lounge D Seating

img_5048Swiss Business Lounge D Seating

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, as I did photograph from every angle to give you a great sense of the lounge, as it isn’t that big. That way, if you’re a lounge lizard, you won’t have to bother walking all the way…because there’s not too much to see. 🙂

img_5066Swiss Business Lounge D Seating

img_5067Swiss Business Lounge D Seating

img_5068Swiss Business Lounge D Seating

By the windows were some chairs. While they faced the window, I can’t imagine you can get comfortable in them. There were nice tarmac views, though, which is some nice consolation – so if I had more time I’d had taken my breakfast there and admired the views.

img_5049Swiss Business Lounge D Seating

Back by the entrance, there was a selection of magazines and newspapers, though due to my constantly online self, I didn’t have much of a need for them.

img_5040Swiss Business Lounge D Newspapers

img_5041Swiss Business Lounge D Newspapers

There was also a workspace consisting of bar-style seating, which I’m sure hard workers will appreciate (I do appreciate places with more comfortable working spaces, though). There were a couple of computers available for use, which was helpful, and the Internet was fast, as is the norm for all Swiss lounges in Zurich.

img_5042Swiss Business Lounge D Bar Seating

img_5043Swiss Business Lounge D Seating and Computers

img_5044Swiss Business Lounge D Seating

img_5045Swiss Business Lounge D Seating

There wasn’t much of a tarmac view to speak of during my time there, as it was dark outside. However, it overlooks Dock B, which contains a good section of interesting traffic.

img_5050Swiss Business Lounge D Seating

Near the end of the lounge there was a buffet area, with seats next to the buffet area which I assume are meant for eating. The area wasn’t too big, but looked good, though none of the seating there was seating that I would’ve wanted to spend time in.

img_5051Swiss Business Lounge D Seating

img_5052Swiss Business Lounge D Seating

img_5053Swiss Business Lounge D Seating

The spread was actually fairly extensive, ranging from pastries to fruit, etc. It was a largely continental spread, though that’s what I’d expect for a European airline lounge at breakfast time.

img_5054Swiss Business Lounge D Food Spread

img_5055Swiss Business Lounge D Drinks

img_5056Swiss Business Lounge D Food Spread

There was wine, though I certainly wasn’t helping myself to any of that at that time of day (not that I would’ve taken any during happy hour).

img_5057Swiss Business Lounge D Food Spread

There was a coffee machine. I made myself a latte, and it was decent – not café quality, but at least it tasted like coffee.

img_5058Swiss Business Lounge D Coffee Machine

I had one of the donuts that were on display, and they were fine, though not really good.

img_5059Swiss Business Lounge D Food Spread

img_5060Swiss Business Lounge D Food Spread

img_5061Swiss Business Lounge D Food Spread

There were also plenty of cold options like yoghurt, milk, etc.

img_5062Swiss Business Lounge D Food Spread

img_5063Swiss Business Lounge D Food Spread

img_5064Swiss Business Lounge D Food Spread

img_5065Swiss Business Lounge D Food Spread

Unfortunately, my mother called right after I got myself some food and a coffee, and said that the immigration line was dead long and it would take a very long walk to get to Dock A. I took her word for it, downed my coffee, and was ready for an adventure…

Bottom Line

The Swiss D lounge isn’t a lounge that you’d want to visit early for. The seating isn’t comfortable in general, there’s no variety, and it’s not an interesting lounge that you’d want to spend any time in. That said, I appreciate how it fits with the design theme of Swiss lounges and how it’s managed to be kept modern despite how little people use it. I’m a fan of Swiss’ lounges in general, though this doesn’t hold a candle to their “hub” lounge at Dock E.

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