R.I.P. Dragonair, Welcome Cathay Dragon

I’ll keep this brief because of the work I need to get done, but as of yesterday, November 21st, the brand Dragonair has officially ceased to exist. From now on, this brand will be known as Cathay Dragon.

Image result for cathay dragon logoThe new Cathay Dragon logo

I’ll miss the Dragonair brand, and the fond memories that I’ve had with the airline in the past, but this is a change that I welcome. Dragonair has long been known as a separate and somewhat low-cost brand, so integrating it fully into the Cathay Pacific system truly defines it as a full service airline with a different vibe.

DSC01576Dragonair Airbus A321 Hong Kong Airport

This isn’t the first sign that Cathay Dragon’s been integrating – for long, they’ve shared the same regional products, including Cathay’s new economy seats and their new business class.

img_2547 Cathay Pacific/Dragon Airbus A330-300 Economy Class

img_2545Cathay Pacific/Dragon Airbus A330-300 Business Class

Furthermore first class has now aligned with Cathay Pacific’s international business class product, another step in the direction of their newfound unity. The only real seat that Dragonair has and Cathay Pacific doesn’t that they’re keeping long term is the A320 seat, which is styled similarly to Cathay Pacific’s new A350 economy class, from the seat covers to the headrest design.

img_2960Cathay Dragon Airbus A320 Economy Class

Cathay Dragon is even starting to pick up on more popular routes, such as Kuala Lumpur.

Bottom Line

I can’t wait to try out Cathay Dragon as its new identity in the future, and am happy about the new changes, despite missing the old brand a little. It’s definitely a new page I’m looking forward to, much like some other airline transitions we’ve been seeing as of late.

Any thoughts?

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