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Review: Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich

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Once I left the aircraft, I turned left towards immigration, passing by a Cathay Pacific 777. It seemed like Cathay Pacific was also on top of their aircraft game, by sending a relatively new 777. As much as I want to try new products, all things equal I’d take a reverse herringbone seat over a staggered seat any day.

a large white airplane on a wet tarmac
Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Zurich Airport

The hallway was rather long and rather deserted, and kind of reminded me of the charming experience I had when walking through a deserted hallway at (yes, you read this right) London Heathrow a week ago.

a sign in a building
Zurich Airport Hallways

We eventually got on a train that took us to the main terminal, where we cleared immigration. At that point we received the fact that the guy driving us to Täsch had arrived, so I made it quick. Therefore, I don’t have pictures of the shower rooms or the nap rooms here, unfortunately.

There’s pretty clear signage to the lounge – just turn left after you leave the baggage claim area. The bottom of the lounge features two comfortable chairs that really anyone could sit in.

a room with chairs and pictures on the wall
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich Ground Floor

I took the lift up to the first floor, which was the only way of going between the floors. I was greeted by the front desk, and presented my mobile boarding pass, which she had trouble reading. I told her I’d just be in for a quick visit, but I think I accidentally offended her, as with their crooked English I believe she thought I was asking her to be quick.

I went past, turning left instead of right towards the shower rooms – I wouldn’t have time to review them.

a shelf with magazines on it
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich Entrance

To the left of that corridor were some couches, which the lounge definitely didn’t lack. The seating was comfortable as well, though I didn’t really have time to take a seat.

a room with black leather chairs and a lamp
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich Seating

a room with chairs and luggage
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich Seating

It looked like the lounge wasn’t entirely self-sponsored…

a room with black chairs and a lamp
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich Seating Area and Advertisement

Past that was a bar, but it was deserted at the time. There was also a bit of fruit on display, and I’m pretty sure there’s coffee too.

a bar with a bowl of fruit on top
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich Bar

Across the bar were some PCs, which would be ideal for working, but I can imagine that it would be a little bit more complicated if the bar was in full swing, where it might be a bit too noisy to comfortably work. That said, the point of the lounge is for passengers to stop over before meetings, so I don’t think anyone’s going to get too hung over.

a room with computers on a table
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich Computer Station

Inside that was a dining area, which featured a few rows of high tops for up to four people per top. I can’t imagine spending more than a while in this area, though as long as the tops went, they were in great condition and well-suited for a short breakfast.

a room with tables and chairs
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich Dining Area

a table with chairs in a restaurant
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich Dining Area High Tops

The breakfast was largely continental, but in terms of quality, it was largely well done. Unfortunately, the lounge doesn’t pack bottled water, so in terms of what the lounge attendants said, “you can’t take water out of the lounge, but please help yourself with the water we have here”.

a display of fruit and yogurt
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich Food Spread

a buffet with food on it
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich Food Spread

a buffet with plates of food
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich Food Spread

a buffet with food on the counter
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich Food Spread

a table with different types of cereals and plates
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich Food Spread

There’s a coffee machine, but it’s not the awesome coffee machine that’s provided in the new Terminal E departures lounge (more on that later).

a machine with a screen on it
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich Food Spread Coffee Machine

The lounge features airport WiFi, but at least it’s free – though if all you need is WiFi access, you don’t exactly get any perks in the lounge as you do outside the lounge.

a sign with a wifi symbol on it
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich WiFi Code

It’s a pity I was only there for two minutes, but well, I was on my way to Täsch, and soon to Zermatt. I won’t review the homestay (apart from the fact that it was awesome), so I’ll skip straight to the Glacier Express ride in the next installment.

Bottom Line

For an arrivals lounge, the areas I visited, as well as the food spread, were excellent. The showers and bedroom seem gorgeous as well, which I may visit if I have a longer time at Zurich, not that I see myself flying to Zurich in Swiss business class anytime soon (if at all, I’d be connecting with a cheaper option, especially if I was travelling alone). If I did have a meeting to go to in a while, I wouldn’t hesitate to make this my stopover point.

If there was anything I’d have this lounge improved on, it would be to stock bottled water in the lounge. If you can just pop up to the lounge to grab a few free bottles of water before you get on a long car trip to any of the amazing places in Switzerland, it would be an amazing perk to an above-average product.

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