Marriott and Starwood Tie the Knot…Any Guest Writers Want To Help Me Cover This?

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I’ve been pretty busy working the past few days, but that doesn’t take me way out of the world. I’ve been observing Starwood and Marriott’s merger the past few days, and I’m sure all of you readers have as well.

So I guess it would be nice to nail in the hammer and make sure y’all know that Marriott and Starwood have tied the knot on September 23rd, 2016.

W Taipei Wonderful Room

The deal has been going since April, and the loyalty programs aren’t expected to seal until 2018, though there are starting to be changes in both programs. I haven’t researched much into them and don’t plan to until my next break, so I’ll talk about it more then.

a close up of a logo(Courtesy One Mile at A Time)

I’m expecting to see some changes in Starwood’s program soon, and unfortunately, we could see suite upgrades starting to vanish, in favour of Marriott’s top-tier elite programs. As of now, there’s still a gap, so you might want to stay at more Starwood properties if you’re a Starwood top-tier elite – you can status match to both Marriott or Ritz-Carlton, and I haven’t looked into my preference yet.

a buffet with bowls of food a pool with a deck and trees
W Retreat Koh Samui, one of the Starwood stays I really enjoyed

I’m sorry for the lack of value I can give, but for now I suggest you check out other blogs that have much more detail, such as One Mile At A Time or View From The Wing. You bet I’ll be back with a crapload of information during my midterm break starting October 10th, though.

That’s why I’m looking for a guest writer (Jason’s also really busy, so I haven’t even bothered asking him as he’s on his first month at boarding school) that can help cover this information, so I won’t have to look extensively into it yet. Anyone interested?

a room with two beds and a view of the city
If you’re a Starwood top-tier elite, you may start finding yourself with perks at Marriott Properties, such as the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore

While I catch up on work, anyone interested to guest-write to talk about information regarding Marriott and Starwood’s merger? Don’t hesitate to email me at for more details.

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