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While there’s a lot I need to learn about airlines, I’m one of the best people to ask regarding oneworld business class lounges in Hong Kong. I’ve been to every single business class lounge that the alliance holds (as well as all the Star Alliance lounges, which I’ll talk about after I post my review of the United Club), and reviewed every single one of them – while I still don’t really know how many people will be in each lounge at a specific time, I have a pretty good general understanding of what each lounge has to offer.


The Pier Business Class Lounge is easily the best lounge in Hong Kong, as well as one of the best in the world

So, what I want to share is: which lounge should you visit before your flight if you’re flying in oneworld business class from Hong Kong?

(This post isn’t necessarily to say which lounge is the best, but which you should visit under varying circumstances. If you’re wondering which lounges are the best, there’s a post I wrote in 2015 entitled “Comparing OneWorld and Star Alliance Lounges Hong Kong“, but there’s nothing on the Pier as I hadn’t visited back then.)

The Pier Business Class Lounge Hong Kong

The Pier is located by gate 63-65, which is the furthest lounge from the “lower” gates. It’s really not far at all from gates 20-35 and requires about a 15-20 minute backtrack to gates 1-4 or 15-19. Hong Kong Airport has an APM that takes you straight to the fork between gates 40-60 and gates 61-80, but it doesn’t go back the other way (it does, but that service is only for arriving passengers), and The Pier’s business class lounge is located near gate 65. It’s well worth it, and I’d spend my whole day there if I could.


Cathay Pacific The Pier Business Class Lounge Food Hall

What are the circumstances in which it would be best to use this lounge?

  • If your flight doesn’t have a gate, where you’re probably early/your flight is probably delayed
  • If you’re 2+ hours early for your flight, where you’ll have plenty of time to relax at The Pier
  • If you’re 1.5+ hours early and leaving between gates 31-35/45-60
  • Under any circumstances, if your flight leaves between gates 41-44/61-80, where the Pier is within 10 minutes of walking distance from/the closest lounge to the gate

The Bridge Lounge Hong Kong

The Bridge is located right by the fork of gates 41-60 and gates 61-80. It’s right by gate 35, so technically if you’re running late but still want to get something, you shouldn’t hesitate to drop by The Bridge. It’s still one of the newer lounges at Hong Kong – technically I found it to be overcrowded during my visit and the service to not nearly be as good, but it is a pretty aesthetically pleasing lounge to hang out in.


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge Coffee Loft

What are the circumstances in which it would be best to use this lounge?

  • If it’s <1.5 hours before your flight leaves from gates 31-35/45-60

The Qantas Lounge Hong Kong

Unlike both lounges The Qantas Lounge is located nearer to gates 15-19, and pretty close to gates 1-4. I personally think this rules out any purpose of The Wing or the Dragonair G16 lounge, though the latter is closed for renovations and is slated to look a bit like the Pier when it reopens. I’m very excited for that.

It’s undoubtedly the second best lounge at Hong Kong, and it’s normally empty if you’re not flying Qantas as well, so it’s a huge perk (I mean, the lounge is huge, so even if you’re flying before the Qantas 747 leaves Hong Kong you should be able to fit in with room to spare).


The Qantas Lounge Hong Kong

What are the circumstances in which it would be best to use this lounge?

  • If you’re <2 hours early for your flight and leaving from gates 1-30
  • If you’ve visited the Pier multiple times and want to try something different, including great Chinese food
Bottom Line

Hopefully this gives a bit of perspective on which lounge you should visit. Of course, if you want to try out some of the other lounges, by all means go ahead, but that’s what I would do from now on if visiting lounges at Hong Kong Airport.

I’m also thinking of re-reviewing The Bridge, The Wing, The Cabin and The Qantas Lounge with better pictures…thoughts?

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