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Review: Plaza Premium East Lounge Hong Kong

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We got to the airport a couple of hours early in Hong Kong in anticipation for our Swiss flight at 11:35 PM. The check-in counter said that we could use the Plaza Premium lounge as well as the Singapore Airlines lounge, but I knew that the United and Thai lounges were open to all Star Alliance passengers, so I figured I’d wait.

We were through immigration pretty quickly, and I found the Plaza Premium Lounge near gate 1. After my lounge invitation was taken, I asked if I could take pictures. Rather rudely one of the attendants immediately said “sir, no pictures allowed”. Obviously, for you guys, I listened to them and took less pictures, so excuse the quality of the images, as they were with my iPhone as opposed to my camera.

The lounge was partitioned into separate areas. Immediately to the left of the lounge was a huge seating area, as well as some mini-work offices.

IMG_2188Plaza Premium East Lounge Hong Kong Seating

While I did feel uncomfortable in the lounge as it was crowded and I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, it’s undeniable that the colour tones are great. They’re a little gaudy, but they’re definitely modern.

IMG_2187Plaza Premium East Lounge Hong Kong Seating

Across this area was a food spread, which was extensive, though I couldn’t take pictures of how extensive it was, given how crowded it was in the lounge.

IMG_2185Plaza Premium East Lounge Hong Kong Food Spread

IMG_2190Plaza Premium East Lounge Hong Kong Food Spread

The seating area was pretty big, though I’m assuming everyone there was a paying passenger, because most airlines (Swiss not included, apparently) are allowed in a partitioned area for them only.

IMG_2186Plaza Premium East Lounge Hong Kong Seating

IMG_2189Plaza Premium East Lounge Hong Kong Seating

Before the partitioned area was another small seating area, though I wasn’t willing to spend so much time in the lounge.

IMG_2193Plaza Premium East Lounge Hong Kong Seating

IMG_2192Plaza Premium East Lounge Hong Kong Seating

IMG_0001Plaza Premium East Lounge Hong Kong Seating

At this point I decided to leave the lounge for the United lounge given how overcrowded it was.

Bottom Line

While I wish Swiss was allowed in the lounge’s partitioned area, the lounge was exactly what I expected – modern and beautiful, but way overcrowded. I definitely wouldn’t pay in for the lounge, and as a Swiss passenger would love to check out the United lounge instead (the Singapore Airlines flight leaves San Francisco at around the same time as the Swiss flight, so the lounge is really overcrowded as well).

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