My Thoughts On The Whistler-Blackcomb Ski Resort

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Our Whistler Apartment: Pinnacle Ridge
Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort: My Thoughts
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Whistler Blackcomb is one of the world’s most prominent ski resorts, so I was fully expecting it to not live up to the hype. I was still sure I’d have a pretty good time, so I showed up the next day in gear, ready to ski.


Whistler Blackcomb Base

Obviously, everyone starts off from the bottom, so I started off “Easy Out”. Don’t be shocked if “Easy Out” is harder than you might expect – I heard my mom called for a helicopter, but she said negative.


Whistler Blackcomb Solar Coaster Top


Whistler Blackcomb Solar Coaster Top

I’m going to stop myself from a full-on self-centered tour of the place right here, and instead I’m just going to focus on the four places you NEED to get to when you’re on Blackcomb. This is no means a definitive guide, as there are other places (i.e. top of Harmony, top of Showcase, Roundhouse Lodge) I have yet to visit.

We’ll start off with:

1. Blackcomb Peak

Blackcomb Peak is located off Seventh Heaven, a long chairlift located short road off the top of Solar Coaster. Obviously, Blackcomb Peak is the, uh, peak of Blackcomb Mountain, and especially during the morning, it’s stunning. There’s also free WiFi (and naturally lots of people), so it’s a great hangout spot if you don’t mind the cold. In my opinion, it does beat Whistler Peak.


Blackcomb Peak View


Blackcomb Peak View


Blackcomb Peak View


Blackcomb Peak View


Blackcomb Peak View


Blackcomb Peak View

2. Blackcomb Crystal Ridge

Whilst no means scenic (well, at least when I was there), Crystal Ridge is currently my favourite part of Whistler. The snow is great, the runs are great, and there aren’t many people. When it’s foggy, there’s literally nothing better than chilling (no pun intended) around the area.


Blackcomb Crystal Ridge

When people are talking about powdery snow, they’re talking about Crystal Ridge. Plus, this takes you up the Showcase T-bar to the peak of where you can go in Whistler.


Blackcomb Crystal Ridge


Blackcomb Crystal Ridge


Blackcomb Crystal Ridge

If you can, get over to the other side, Blackcomb Glacier (which requires a bit of black slope running, which I can’t do), where there are incredible views.

3. Peak 2 Peak Gondola

While I usually find gondolas to be a gimmick and usually just take them as a means of transportation, I can’t really say that about Peak 2 Peak.


Views from Peak 2 Peak Gondola

Seeing all the slopes you’ve gone down is especially rewarding. And it doesn’t hurt that the best views of the VILLAGE are from Peak 2 Peak either. Watch it, though, as if you’re not in a sublime spot, you won’t get ANY views.


Views from Peak 2 Peak Gondola


Views from Peak 2 Peak Gondola


Views from Peak 2 Peak Gondola


Views from Peak 2 Peak Gondola


Views from Peak 2 Peak Gondola


Views from Peak 2 Peak Gondola

4. A Few Meters off the Foot of the Hill

If you want to watch the actual view, obviously this isn’t the best spot, but the sunsets are pretty sublime from these areas.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 12.37.39

Blackcomb Base


Whistler Base


Whistler Base

What are your favourite areas around Whistler/Blackcomb?

Any thoughts?

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