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A few days ago I covered the top three flight reviews of 2015. While flights kind of deserve their own “top three” due to how flight based the blog is, I decided I’d cover the five most popular hotel/lounge trip reports, due to the fact that there is traffic for that as well on the blog, and you guys can see where I’m going next year (pun not intended) with regards to the reports.


Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 Phuket Airport

So, what are the most read hotel and lounge reports here on the blog? For the record, I’m talking about the reports published in 2015, which could include 2014 stays.

1. Sheraton Macao (December 2014)

While this was a short stay, I was impressed by the modernity and the “flash” of the hotel. While the hotel is Starwood’s biggest, I was impressed that the service was on the attentive side, and while there were issues with the club lounge access for our highly-regarded suite, I was impressed by the way my complaint was handled.


Sheraton Macao Sky Tower Family Suite Master Bedroom

2. Ni-hong-go Madness – Cathay Pacific The Bridge Business Class Lounge Hong Kong

While I’ve been to the Bridge myself, Jason’s review was one of the first about the lounge to come up and has been getting a lot of attention. Back when Jason visited, the lounge was pretty much empty, but as of late it’s been exponentially more crowded, which is why I prefer the Qantas lounge these days.


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge Coffee Loft

3. Weekend with the Mosquitoes – Singapore Airlines SilverKris Business Class Lounge Hong Kong

Singapore Airlines finished their renovations on their outdated business class lounge in late 2014, and my visit in early 2015 proved it phenomenal. It’s easily the best Star Alliance business class lounge in Hong Kong unless you’re a serious aviation geek and love watching planes from the lounge, in which case it doesn’t have windows as it’s located “inland” on the main departures level.


Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge Hong Kong

4. Weekend with the Mosquitoes – Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge Phuket

While I was underwhelmed by the Phuket lounge, I wasn’t surprised and realized where Thai was going with Phuket (a leisure destination, instead of a hub). Given Thai runs longhaul flights from Phuket you’d expect they’d have something more substantial, but the lounge is exponentially nicer than anything in the airport.


Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge Phuket

5. The Easy Way to North Korea – Korean Air Lounge Hong Kong

While this lounge is now shut down, I was happy to be one of the first reports out on the web on Korean Air’s lounge in Hong Kong. Korean Air has long flown to Hong Kong, but their lounge is exclusively for Korean Air only, and given it’s not that nice I can’t suspect that many people have seen the lounge. As of today, the lounge has been closed down, in favour of the new SkyTeam lounge in Hong Kong.


Korean Air KAL Lounge Hong Kong

Seems like this is mostly an airline/lounge focused blog, as no one seems to read the hotel reviews.

What hotel/lounge reviews in 2015 did you find the most valuable?


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