Review: Cathay Pacific The Bridge Business Class Lounge Hong Kong

As soon as I woke up, I found this lovely text from Cathay:


This would mean that my flight would be arriving on time into Nagoya which was something we really needed given our limited time in Japan. My mother had ordered a limousine to the airport, which was discounted (heavily) thanks to her CitiBank credit card.


Hong Kong International Airport Entrance

I made my way shortly to the Cathay Pacific check in counters (which was interrupted slightly by an unfortunate event in which the luggage cart I was pushing flipped over trying to avoid a running child).


Cathay Pacific Business Class Check In

Unfortunately, the lady checking us in was yawning like crazy while she typed furiously into her computer trying to solve an issue with our checked bags. In the end, she made a tremendous effort to smile, which was much appreciated. She even went as far as to address us all by name (and me by my first name).

Security in Hong Kong was painless as usual (but again, the TSA has already scarred me for life with their signature message). ūüėČ Soon enough we were airside.


Hong Kong International Airport Airside

After taking the train that runs through the spine of Hong Kong International Airport, I reached the entrance to “The Bridge”, which was pretty damn impressive.


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge Entrance


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge Signage

After taking the escalator down and arriving at the entrance, we were greeted by two emotionless ground staff who waved us in after scanning our boarding passes. I’ve gotta admit that the Venetian-style glass wall was really gorgeous.


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge Venetian Glass Wall

There was also this modern sculpture that looked like the feathers of a bird for some strange reason, kudos to Cathay’s new lounge designers for great taste in pricking¬†picking sculptures!


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge Modern Sculpture

The lounge itself is gorgeous with an assortment of chairs ranging from leather chairs that were harder than bedrock, along with some extra comfortable chairs, along with a bunch of couches that you would expect to find at a sophisticated library.


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge Seating Area


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge Seating Area


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge Seating Area

The lounge also has another wing which is pretty much the same in terms of seating areas. However, the side that I spent the most of my time in had a “Long Bar” along with an assortment of couches while the other side had ¬†“Coffee Loft” and a IT Centre.

The Coffee Loft was lovely. There was a barista manning the bar and you can go up and ask for a drink. Technically, the offerings of the Coffee Loft and the Long Bar are identical, however, the Coffee Loft has more of a coffee shop/library feeling to it while the Long Bar is more like your conventional bar.


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge Coffee Loft

I had a hot chocolate and a latte at the Coffee Loft, both were fabulous and freshly made. The barista working the Coffee Loft wasn’t as attentive and nearly as friendly as the one that I had the last time I went to The Bridge (back in early 2014 before I joined the blog), but still perfectly friendly and nice.


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge Hot Chocolate

There was also an IT Station, which was useless. Seriously, does any self respecting business traveller not bring their own electronic device when they travel for work? Well, I do… ūüôā


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge iMacs

It’s worth noting that:

  • The airline¬†does have stations for you to bring your own laptop, all equipped with power ports
  • b. The iMacs can run both Windows and OSX operating systems, so Microsofties don’t get mad

In terms of dining facilities, there were 2 dining areas called “The Bakery” and “The Bistro”. While the amount of hot dining options were similar, I far preferred The Bakery because it had plenty more breads, juices, along with the fact that there were actual chefs manning the area. However, please be warned that a large portion of the food is revolting. The hot food options were basically disgusting. There was soggy bacon, tiny weiners¬†sausages that were dripping with water, shrivelled siu mai, and some really disgusting baked egg dish that just looked and tasted¬†like rubber.


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge Food Spread


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge Food Spread


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge Food Spread

There were also some displays, which I found cute. Aww!


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Gingerbread House


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Wet Sloop Food Spread


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Shrivelled Prunes Food Spread Dim Sum

Usually, I’d say something along the lines of “it’s not horrible, but it’s not very nice either”. However, seriously, the food selection is disgusting. If anyone from Cathay Pacific management is reading this, please just take note that…the hot food is disgusting.

Some other nice details were that there were USB ports and power ports at every side table, which were extremely handy. However, overseas travellers need to take note that these are Hong Kong power ports (and not universal power ports).

Also take note that the washrooms are really discreet and blended into the walls, so for those wanting to take a private break, watch out for the washroom signs…


Cathay Pacific The Bridge Business Class Lounge Washroom Signage

Bottom line

Overall, Cathay Pacific’s The Bridge Business Class Lounge is a solid lounge with fabulous facilities, gorgeous decor, lots of power ports at convenient places along with nice features such as the Coffee Loft and the Long Bar. If only they replaced the inedible food offerings…


Any thoughts?

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