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Thai Airways 629 A330-300 Economy Class Hong Kong to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi
Dusit Princess Srinakarin Bangkok
Thai Airways 638 A330-300 Economy Class Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to Hong Kong

Late last year I was invited to a conference in Bangkok by one of my teachers, under my own cost. Obviously, at HK$4,000 total for the flights, the hotels and the services (including food) at the conference, I couldn’t help but attend. Not only would I get a review of Thai’s new economy class product, but I’d also get to know a lot more about, in my case, Thai music and culture.

The flight choices were a little weird at the start, as I’d imagine there’d be more space on the A380 for nine people than an A330 would. But then it made sense – most people would prefer to book the A380, so the A330 would most likely be empty (it wasn’t, but let’s go with my logic for now). We had A330s for both flights, which works for me (I’ve personally seen at least four of Thai’s economy cabin styles, and know that Thai has more).

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 8.12.24

Thai Airways Hong Kong to Bangkok Rate


Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 Economy Class


Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 Economy Class

As far as where the actual logic was to booking at those exact dates, I’ll hand that to the Bangkok Patana School (which is pretty amazing, by the way), but here was our itinerary:

21/1 TG 629 HKG – BKK 15:00 – 16:45 333 Y
24/1 TG 638 BKK – HKG 14:00 – 17:45 333 Y


While by no means a crazy routing, it was a good kickstart to the year.

As for the hotel, the school booked us into the Dusit Princess in Srinakarin, about 20 minutes from the school and 40 minutes from the airport. The room rate, breakfast included, was HK$840, so it was HK$420 for me as I was sharing a room with my friend Dex.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 13.14.12

Dusit Princess Srinakarin Bangkok Room Rate


Dusit Princess Srinakarin Bangkok Deluxe Room


While it’s not my craziest trip report as such, I hope it’s a good start to the ~44,700 miles I have planned for this year (which includes everything but my CAS trip in late November).

While I plan to roll this one out quickly, there’s a bit of a work overload through the next few days, though I still hope to post one per day. I want to set this up so I can start my big Whistler trip report right after I come back in February (the departure date is in a couple of weeks, though with the new SkyTeam lounge and the Korean Air 747-8 it’ll probably feel much longer than that).

Thanks for reading, and if you guys have anything to say, let me know!

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