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On the return of a quick trip to Bangkok for the Southeast Asia Sports and Arts conference, I type from one of Thai’s older fleet A330s (unlike the new flight we came in on, and the exact aircraft that rolled down the tarmac back in early 2015) right back to Hong Kong.


Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 Economy Class


Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 Economy Class

I had a pretty interesting (first) visit at BKK today, which I’d like to talk about. On a side note, the inside of my phone camera lens fogged up, so the airport pictures are pretty foggy on the most part. Thankfully, that cleared up fully by the gate, but I’ll still try to use a dehumidifying agent (like rice) to clear the moisture up in the phone (Bangkok was hot).


Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

So, everything (aside from my phone) is completely normal until we get past immigration, and given that Burger King, Auntie Anne’s and Dunkin’ Donuts are no longer in Hong Kong, we stopped by all of them.

At least in theory. After the first two, we were excited to head towards Dunkin’ Donuts, raving about the pretzel bites from Auntie Anne’s.


Dairy Queen Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (across Auntie Anne’s)

While everyone seemed to know where Auntie Anne’s and Burger King was, no one seemed to know where Dunkin’ Donuts was. Everyone seemed to confuse it with Mister Donut, which I’ve tried and is markedly inferior. So we were holding Auntie Anne’s nuggets (which are f*cking heavenly, by the way), and made our way to the gate, going down a set of escalators.

Except we found ourselves here.


Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Arrivals Hall

So obviously the key here is going through transit, which we did (though Dex’s passport was in the teacher’s hands, so we had to guide the teacher there, then the teacher got lost, then a couple of us had to go up and find him, then he came down, then they had to take his drink that he bought at the airport, then he got pissed, and…), and we were safe. But why on earth would someone put an escalator there?

We had a few problems ourselves:

  • It was clearly our fault that we didn’t look at the signage
  • Dex should’ve kept his own passport at all times, especially since he was given the choice

But it still doesn’t get out of my head why there’d be an escalator going down from the departures area into the arrivals area.

Does anyone get it?

Also, on the plane, some mishaps happened, but I’ll cover that in the actual trip report, which will be out within the next week (there are literally four installments to write, so I won’t have any problems with that).

Stay tuned!

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