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Posts are light as I rush my assignments before a quickie to Bangkok on Thursday for a school event – in Thai economy no less – where I don’t plan to do much. Here’s a quick post I snatched back from Hong Kong Airline News in 2013, one of my first posts ever, which probably is still useful today. All photos have been updated.

I didn’t want to change much more just to see how far I’ve come, personally.

There are a few other airline newsletters that have done this in their sites before – see AusBT’s guide here and Ben Schlappig has his very own guide as well. As for my guide, see below:



China Eastern Boeing 737-700 Business Class

These are the most simple seats in business class, but they are also very comfortable for traveling. That is if you’re on a short flight. If you’re on a long flight like across the Pacific (or Atlantic), then these seats (which are normally not seen) are not recommended.

Angled-Lie Flat Bed


Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 Business Class Bed

These seats are seen on many long haul aircraft. They are not comfortable though; but they are quite relaxing when in a Z position on a day flight. Singapore Airlines has done some wisecracking and put these seats on regional flights (enclosed in leather).

They always face forward, because they have no need to face anywhere else.

Herringbone Flatbed Seat

a plane with seats and a painting on the wall

These are the most hated version of fully flat beds. Of course, some airlines (like Virgin Atlantic) spice their product up so it’s more airy and spacious, but for products like Delta’s, they are claustrophobic and horrible. However, some say that when the bed is flat it seems to be more comfortable.

Forward Facing Flatbed

a seat in an airplane

Korean Air Airbus A330-300 Business Class

These quite comfortable flatbeds are quite comfortable and spacious. Some offer direct aisle access (like SQ’s version) and some don’t (like CZ and QF’s).

The Staggered Flatbed


Swiss Boeing 777-300ER Business Class

These beds are also really comfortable and are put in a layout where each row is different and thus saving space and enhancing comfort.

The Forward-Backward Facing Flatbed

an airplane seat with a screen

British Airways Airbus A380-800 Business Class (courtesy One Mile at A Time)

Only United and British Airways have these seats. These seats have different rows facing forward and backward (United) or aisle seats facing forward and everything else facing backward (British Airways). They are comfortable – but no direct aisle access…

The Reverse Herringbone Flatbed


Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-900 Business Class

Cathay, US Airways, American and some other carriers carry this new business class layout by Sicma. After Cathay brought these seats onstage, they have been a hit for business and leisure travellers alike.

What are your favourite business class seats?

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