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It’s was a crazy travel day for me yesterday. I flew over to Phuket this morning in THAI’s business class, my first time in business class on a Star Alliance airline.

I do think that my day dipped downhill a bit after I landed.


Phuket International Airport Immigration

Last night, our hotel recommended us a restaurant in Patong, and drove us there and back. Patong and the hotel are about half an hour apart, and after dinner we had about a better half of an hour to spare.



We decided to walk around Patong (it was actually originally my idea to go downtown to people watch), and we entered one of those streets where they sell “toy for pussycat” or “sexy lady”. Suffice to say that I grabbed my sister’s hand in case of kidnappers or holes-in-the-road.


Patong, Phuket

My mother gets tricked by a man selling Hello Kitty items…and doesn’t care

We came across a shop that was selling Hello Kitty products, and of course, my sister was hooked.


Hello Kitty Shop, Patong, Phuket

My sister bought a few things “on discount”, and the guy said that these things that we chose were “exempt” from the discount. The price label looked rather new…

I (almost) get abducted by a gaylord

Almost at the end of the street, this fat guy in a black shirt that says “F*CK U” (which is common in Patong) comes over and grabs my ear. His tongue is sticking out, and he’s muttering something in Thai in the tone that my dad talks to my mom when he’s persuading her.


Phuket “F*CK U” shirt sale

I raise a fist, and he runs off. WTF?

I won’t be going near the place at night anytime soon until I get back on the plane on Monday…

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