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I flew THAI from Phuket to Hong Kong on Monday, and had a great flight with much better service than on the outbound.


Apparently last night the same route had an incident occur when the plane rolled back 30 meters after it parked, injuring four people.

The aircraft involved was HS-TEP, the only one out of the three aircraft they operate on the route that I did not fly (the others are HS-TER and HS-TET, the former that I flew on the inbound and the latter that I flew on the outbound).

a plane at an airport

The involved aircraft, HS-TEP

Via The South China Morning Post:

Flight TG608 from Phuket to Hong Kong had reportedly just parked up at 7.20pm and the ground crew was about to secure it in place with wheel chocks when the incident happened.

Police said airport staff told officers that the four injured passengers had fallen over when the plane began moving again.

A 37-year-old mainland woman was taken to North Lantau Hospital with neck injuries. She was later transferred to Princess Margaret Hospital, Kwai Chung.

An Airport Authority spokesman said a man and two women, aged 46 to 59, were also examined by medical staff but did not require hospital treatment for their injuries.

There are a few things I can get out of this:

  • Don’t rush when getting off the plane.
  • It’s lucky that no one got hurt.
  • One day from when my friend got off the flight – WTF?

I mean, this hit terribly close, and I’m thankful that no one got seriously hurt. I do think that THAI is at fault this time, and I’d like to hear more about it, given that I’d just taken the flight a few days ago.

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