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Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I had to reconfigure my new computer, get all my photos reuploaded from my phone (I didn’t back up), and had a damn lot of work to do. And I’m freezing my balls out in Hong Kong (I guess my short sleeves explain why), so I’m typing slower (actually, does that make sense?).

Well, I guess not everyone is freezing their balls out in Asia.

Via The Malaysian Insider:

A Thai AirAsia (TAA) chartered flight bound for Nanjing, China, was forced to return to Don Mueang airport in Thailand after a Chinese female passenger threw scalding hot water on a flight attendant, media reports said.

In Thursday’s incident, the woman’s male companion also threatened to blow up the plane while his girlfriend told other passengers that she wanted to commit suicide, Bangkok Post reported, citing Charles Liu who posted on the Nanfang Insider blog on Friday.

The report said the couple, who were part of a tour group from China, were earlier angry when they discovered that they were not sitting together as seats had been assigned in alphabetical order.

A flight attendant managed to find them adjoining seats but the couple were still complaining loudly, according to the post by Liu.
Later in the night, the woman bought instant noodles on the flight and asked for boiling water. When the attendant brought the water, the woman threw it in her face, a report on The Washington Post said.

The woman’s boyfriend then stood up in the cabin and threatened to bomb the plane.

The Bangkok Post said chaos ensued and passengers claimed that dinner cutlery was used before the couple finally calmed down once other passengers became involved.

A statement from the airline said the incident forced the captain to return to Don Mueang and the couple were asked to disembark.

The airline said police later took the couple and their two friends to Don Mueang police station where they settled the dispute with the flight attendant and the captain.

A TAA spokesman said the Chinese woman was allowed to leave Thailand on a TAA flight back to Nanjing after she agreed to pay an undisclosed amount of compensation to the affected cabin crew member who was not seriously injured.


Thai AirAsia Airbus A320 Economy Class

I can’t really add more to what happened, but here are my thoughts:

  • WTF?
  • It was totally out of the cabin crew’s control that they weren’t in different seats
  • It was not out of management control, so the airline has their faults, even though that in no way makes up for the scalding

This does remind us of why the mainland Chinese are always humiliated by the rest of the world nowadays (which does offend me, as I’m technically Chinese too…)


It offends me as much as it offends y’all…

The most ridiculous thing is how the couple still kept bitching about it after they were given seats. I mean, why keep bitching if everything’s sorted?

I’m still busy. Sorry for a brief post. Oh, China…

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