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I was actually excited to visit the Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Fukuoka, as it seemed like a lounge that didn’t have pictures on the Internet at all, and Jason said it was nice.

Without intention to visit a lounge, we headed to the airport, and on the way were informed by email that our flight was delayed by forty five minutes.


The Fukuoka International Airport departures hall, while small, is airy, and very sterile – in the Japanese way, in that there weren’t many colours, but had many interesting design features.


Fukuoka Airport International Terminal Departures Hall Arrivals Area

The whole thing felt like a “Hong Kong Airport Junior”, in my opinion.


Fukuoka Airport International Terminal Departures Hall

While economy class had a substantial queue, business class didn’t, so we were checked in in no time.


Fukuoka Airport International Terminal Departures Hall Aisle


Fukuoka Airport International Terminal Departures Hall Aisle

I stated in my review of the Grand Hyatt Fukuoka that it was nice to see delay reasons on the departures board. While I appreciate them trying, a reason like “Air Traffic Control” doesn’t exactly cut it, in my opinion.


Fukuoka Airport International Terminal Departures Board


Fukuoka Airport International Terminal Departures Hall

I still have no idea why airports advertise their city in their departures hall – I mean, I never saw these in the arrivals hall…


Fukuoka Airport International Terminal Departures Hall

Interestingly I was only invited to Lounge Fukuoka, which I didn’t mind checking out either.

My parents felt like shopping a little before they went to the lounge, so I went directly to the lounge with my family’s carry on. I had no idea what to expect inside the lounge.


Lounge Fukuoka Signage

My first impressions of the lounge was how drab it was. It quickly grew on me though. It’s not like I was expecting much, and while there could have been a spark of colour, it was perfect for a short stay, and more than I expected for a lounge in a “minor” airport.

The lounge was basically separated into a TV area (where a Japanese movie was playing), a work area (where there were “stalls” where you could work), and a rest area (I guess that was meant to be a place to eat, though you can eat anywhere else in the lounge as well, of course).


Lounge Fukuoka TV Area


Lounge Fukuoka TV Area

There were some “private cubicles” near the TV area, but without chairs I wasn’t sure what exactly they were for.


Lounge Fukuoka Private Cubicle

All stalls were equipped with power ports, unfortunately they were all Japanese-style and not universal power ports. That said, it’s not a major airport, so it’s not like it has to be universal…


Lounge Fukuoka Stall Area


Lounge Fukuoka Stall Area Power Ports

There was a PC with a printer, which I didn’t need.


Lounge Fukuoka Stall with Printer


Lounge Fukuoka Magazine Selection


Lounge Fukuoka Lounge Area


Lounge Fukuoka Lounge Area


Lounge Fukuoka Lounge Area

The food spread was limited, not that I wouldn’t expect that at a contract lounge. It featured cup noodles, crackers, juice, a coffee machine and drinks, including Wilkinson’s Ginger Ale. I love Wilkinson’s, so yay.


Lounge Fukuoka Food Spread


Lounge Fukuoka Food Spread


Lounge Fukuoka Food Spread


Lounge Fukuoka Food Spread


Lounge Fukuoka Coffee Machine


Lounge Fukuoka Food Spread


Lounge Fukuoka Food Spread


Lounge Fukuoka Food Utensils


Lounge Fukuoka Ginger Ale

Service at the lounge was almost non-existent. The one attendant by the entrance smiled at me whenever I passed, and gave my sister a sticker on the way out, but that was it. That’s acceptable, and even pretty great for a contract lounge, I guess. However one thing that bothered me was the lack of tarmac views. I’d rather spend time in the terminal, I guess…

I first headed to the TV area for a cooking show, then after it ended moved to the stalls.


Lounge Fukuoka TV Area Show

At the end of our stay at the lounge I visited the bathrooms, which don’t really get more basic/drab than this. That said, the bathroom was clean, and I’m fine with that.


Lounge Fukuoka Bathroom


Lounge Fukuoka Bathroom

No Japanese bathroom, of course, is complete without at least a Category 2 toilet.


Lounge Fukuoka Bathroom Toilet

Soon we were on our way out, and made our way to Gate 54, where our flight was departing.


Fukuoka Airport International Terminal Airside Departures Area

Our flight was already boarding as we made it to the gate, and we were on in no time.


Dragonair Airbus A330-300

Bottom line on Lounge Fukuoka

Overall, the lounge looked like a Paki hideout. Otherwise it was substantial, and was perfectly practical. While the lounge could use a refurbishment, it was perfect for a short half-hour rest.

While I don’t know if Dragonair has access to the Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge, I’d like to give a shot at it next time.

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