Alvin Tse is the 16-year-old main blogger and editor at Young Travelers of Hong Kong. Living close to the sky at Mid-Levels, Hong Kong, Alvin has had a very close emotional relationship with travel and continues to construct and tailor his life towards one of a frequent flyer. Alvin tries to blog 3-8 times a week as a balance between school and travel life. ~70% of Alvin’s extracurricular life is dedicated towards the fascinating world of miles and points. Not having had any professional interaction with pilot experience but having had his first flight to Brisbane at little over a year old, Alvin loves flying and staying at different hotels for the excitement of reporting them to his readers at Young Travelers.

Always having travel planned around nine months in advance, Alvin finds himself on the bright side of the travel world, and can’t wait to hop on more planes (upfront, sometimes!) in the future. While still learning about miles and points, Alvin’s goal at Young Travelers is to spread his passion for travel to the world and consistently help them make the best travel choices.

Email Address: alvinythk@gmail.com
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Jason Liu is a 15-year-old writer of Young Travelers of Hong Kong, as well as a person with a severe case of avgeekiness. He has been an avid fan of flying since he was a fetus toddler, with a contagious passion that he hopes to bring to the table at Young Travelers. Having joined the committee November 2014, Jason proceeds to travel around 80,000 miles a year and holds his place as the youngest of the Young Travelers. Jason commutes between Hong Kong and Beijing nearly once a week and soon will be flying transpacific flights on a regular basis. Through his posts, you will see how Jason lives, speaks and breathes in aviation, making the occasional snarky remark. You’ll also get to witness his unhealthy obsession with Shawn Mendes and Hamilton.

While flying is Jason’s full-time job (well, and maybe, a straight-A student from time to time), he believes his road in aviation is “still at the boarding gate”.

Email Address: jasonythk@gmail.com
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Nat is a rather newly minted enthusiast at Young Travelers of Hong Kong who looks to provide some new vibe to the blog. Having joined in December 2015, Nat finds herself fascinated in the ways of travel and hopes to bring a little energy out into our society. Flying a few times a year upfront and behind, Nat knows our passion at Young Travelers inside out and looks to enlighten it with her own fun and vibrant approach that is refreshing to all that have had the chance to talk to her about the world of aviation.

Having been a writer for a long time, Nat looks forward to providing panache to the airline industry. Through this blog, she will be talking about her travel experiences and travel problems, as well as a few thought-provoking posts that will definitely be worth a read.

Email Address: natythk@gmail.com
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