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Cathay Pacific Goes Cancelling This Christmas

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Cathay Pacific is struggling with a crew shortage in Christmas 2023, and many flights are facing delays and cancellations. Over the Christmas period, many shorthaul and longhaul flights alike were cancelled, or underwent significant delays. These are continuing to happen over the next couple of days, and reasons have been cited to cockpit crew shortage.

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Cathay Pacific’s Flight Cancellations

These cancellations aren’t only limited to shorthaul cities with multiple frequencies, but there are also longhaul “flagship” frequencies that are cancelled or delayed; for example, these have included CX251, Cathay Pacific’s only frequency to London featuring first class.

For tomorrow (December 29, 2023), the following flights are expected not to operate, according to the Hong Kong Aviation Discussion Board (HKADB) and verified by Hong Kong Airport’s departures/arrivals board:

  • CX705 Hong Kong –  Bangkok / CX750 Bangkok – Hong Kong
  • CX958 Hong Kong – Hangzhou / CX959 Hangzhou – Hong Kong
  • CX332 Hong Kong – Beijing / CX331 Beijing – Hong Kong
  • CX434 Hong Kong – Seoul Incheon / CX453 Seoul Incheon – Hong Kong
  • CX416 Hong Kong – Seoul Incheon / CX417 Seoul Incheon – Hong Kong (30/12)
  • CX685 Hong Kong – Mumbai / CX696 Mumbai – Hong Kong
  • CX402 Hong Kong – Taipei / CX479 Taipei – Hong Kong
  • CX362 Hong Kong – Shanghai Pudong / CX361 Shanghai – Hong Kong (30/12)
  • CX135 Hong Kong – Melbourne / CX134 Melbourne – Hong Kong (30/12)
  • CX715 Hong Kong – Singapore
  • CX679 Hong Kong – Delhi
  • CX913 Hong Kong – Manila / CX912 Manila – Hong Kong (30/12)
  • CX161 Hong Kong – Sydney / CX162 Sydney – Hong Kong (30/12)
  • CX936 Hong Kong – Wuhan / CX937 Wuhan – Hong Kong

The cancellations over tomorrow may not be limited to these flights.

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Numerous Cathay Pacific flights are facing cancellations this Christmas

If you see your flight for tomorrow listed, I’d keep a close eye on your flight and start looking for alternatives, but don’t call the airline just yet. For the one-way cancellations, I’m not sure where the “return” portion of that flight is getting its airplane from, though I’d expect future announcements tomorrow.

Furthermore, many other Cathay Pacific flights are facing delays up to 8 hours, with people turned back home after showing up at the airport, or even the gate.

What To Do If Your Cathay Pacific Flight Is Cancelled Or Delayed

Especially if you see your flight listed above, I’d check “Manage My Booking”, which thankfully is powered by Cathay Pacific’s IT system, which is quite good. You’ll be automatically booked onto the next available flight, but may lose some perks, such as upgrades, seat selection, and in some cases may be downgraded on a shorthaul flight.

I probably would make a concrete plan before heading to the airport, which is unlikely to be able to help at this time. Many of the above routes do have multiple frequencies, so you’re likely to be rebooked on another flight on the same day, unless it’s full. Do contact the team (I’m contactable here) if you’d like some extra support, such as with checking availability on ExpertFlyer and other resources, and I’ll try and get back to you as fast I can.


Unfortunately Cathay Pacific is delaying with significant delays and cancellations this Christmas period, mostly attributed to cockpit crew shortage. Most likely you will be rebooked on another frequency on the same day, though there may be other complications that add to your Christmas travels. Do contact me if this is the case, and I’m try and use my resources to help (though can’t guarantee I’ll be of any help).

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