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Review: Qatar Airways Premium Lounge, London Heathrow (LHR)

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An outstanding outstation lounge, spearheaded by an unrivalled a-la-carte dining experience


Recently I flew out of London Heathrow Airport in Qatar Airways business class. As part of this I got to try out Qatar Airways’ lounge at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 4, which re-opened in September 2022 with some slightly revamped seating. Qatar Airways operates a lounge for Privilege Club members and Oneworld status holders, and a separate, more exclusive lounge for their first and business class passengers, which I’m reviewing in this post. (I would’ve checked out the former as well, though didn’t realise I would’ve had access until after my flight.)

This review will detail my experience using the Premium Lounge, including seating and ambience, their impressive a-la-carte food selection, their facilities, and more.

Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Access and Opening Hours

Qatar Airways’ lounges in Doha are open from 5 AM until 9:30 PM, opening 3.5 hours before the airline’s first flight out of London and closing 25 minutes before the last flight leaves. This lounge is only available to the airline’s first and business class passengers, though not for passengers on a Business Lite ticket.

Those holding Qatar Airways Premium Club Platinum and Gold status, Oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members flying out of Terminal 4, as well as Virgin Australia Platinum and Gold members can access the adjacent Frequent Flyer lounge, which is located by the same entrance. You’ll be pointed towards the right direction upon entry – the lounge is very similar in design, with a bar, but sans an a-la-carte food selection.

Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Location

Once through immigration, I followed the airport signage and turned left towards the Qatar Airways lounge. Qatar Airways’ lounge is fairly close to the center of the terminal, being situated right across gate 6.

a sign on the front of a building
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Entrance

After entering through a very brightly lit entryway, I was welcomed by a friendly lounge agent who checked my boarding pass and pointed me towards the Premium Lounge. Upon request she also kindly stored my carry-on for me (using a baggage room slip), which she gave back to me as I left the lounge.

Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Seating and Atmosphere

Upon entering the lounge I was greeted by a chandelier and flower display located just to my left.

a plant on a table
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Entryway

The lounge itself was shaped like a very long room, though it was well-partitioned into several different parts. The “outside” area was more for sitting and lounging around, featuring leather-upholstered seats.

a room with chairs and a table a room with a black counter and chairs
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Outside Seating Area

The true treat was further in the lounge, however, where a full-scale restaurant was operating with tableware nicely laid out. There was a nice outdoor area featuring lots of natural light and views of the tarmac.

a group of people in a restaurant a restaurant with tables and chairs a table with chairs and a windowa plane on the tarmac
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Restaurant and Tarmac Views

Behind the centerpiece bar/food spread was an area dubbed the “Martini Bar”. Obviously you can have any drink here, though it did feature a “cigar bar vibe” bench area.

a room with a leather wall and chairs
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Martini Bar Seating

Then further inside the lounge was a fancier brasserie-like area, though I didn’t sit here due to the lack of natural light.

a room with tables and chairs
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Brasserie Seating

Many of the seats featured power ports and wireless charging (which wasn’t working very well for my phone, though I’m not sure if my phone is at fault rather than the wireless charging port), though the dining area was devoid of these, so I had to find other seats to charge my laptop and phone.

a white table next to a brown chair
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Wireless Charging Outlets

This is a well-appointed lounge with a good range of seating, and I liked the decor – though ambience isn’t exactly the X-factor of this outstation lounge.

Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Food and Beverage

This is where Qatar Airways’ Heathrow lounge really shines, in my opinion. On first glance the food spread may not seem that impressive – the selection is quite small, and limited to a few cold cuts and hot dishes.

two bowls of food on a stove a plate of food on a stove a display of food on a counter
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Breakfast Spread

The above was the breakfast spread – some different dishes were brought out for lunch (I couldn’t comfortably take a picture of the hot food spread as there were more people), though it did include the spectacular-looking dessert spread below.

a display of desserts and desserts
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Desserts Spread

Personally, I’d skip the buffet, and jump for one of the QR codes located at one of the tables. My phone never managed to load any of the QR codes at Qatar Airways lounges (even in Doha), though I was brought a paper menu upon request. Yep, Qatar Airways operates full-scale restaurant-style dining at an outstation lounge.

The breakast menu read as follows (this is available until 10:30 AM, i.e. most applicable for the 8:30 AM/9 AM/10:50 AM flights):

a paper with text on it
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Breakfast Menu

The lunch and dinner menu felt more interesting to me, reading as follows (this is available from 11 AM):

a menu on a table
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Lunch and Dinner Menu

The beverage menu read as follows:

a paper with text on it a white paper with black text
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Drinks Menus

Upon sitting down, I was first handed a refreshing towelette by a lounge attendant.

a knife and fork on a table
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Refreshing Towelette

I’d ordered a detox juice, which was quite promptly given to me, and quite good.

a glass of orange juice on a table
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Detox Juice

I sat down in the area at about 10:30 AM, and tried to order a steak. I was told that mains were only available from 11 AM, so sat in the area working for a while before ordering one shortly after 11.

The steak was cooked to order (I asked for medium rare), and boy it didn’t disappoint – the meat was so tender and delicious, and all the sides (asparagus, mashed potatoes, pepper, and jus) were spot on as well – I also appreciated that the portion wasn’t humongous, saving me a bit of room to eat more on the flight.

a plate of food on a table
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Meal – Seared Scottish Beef Steak

For dessert I just took some profiteroles from the food spread (the only dessert available with table service was ice cream, though there was a very extensive dessert spread), though I did order a flat white, which was served with a delicious cookie. The flat white itself was very good – I love that Qatar Airways does barista coffee in this lounge.

a cup of coffee with a heart design on top of a cookie
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Flat White

Since it was morning and I wasn’t high on sleep, I skipped the opportunity to day drink. The cocktail menu at this lounge consists exclusively of martinis, though I reckon you’d be able to order any standard cocktail at the bar if you tried.

Okay, I may have lied – I had a glass of rose champagne with breakfast (as one does), which was Joseph Perrier Rose champagne.

a plate of food on a table
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Breakfast Spread and Champagne

The Brits do like their wine bottle spreads, and you can sure find some wine stations dotted throughout this lounge.

a bowl of wine and wine glasses on a counter
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Wine Stand

The food and beverage experience at this lounge is spectacular, and I’d save room for a full meal at the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge if you have access – keep in mind that you won’t get a la carte dining service if you only have access to the Frequent Flyer lounge.

Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Facilities

Qatar Airways’ lounge features a showers, which are equipped with L’Occitane amenities. These weren’t used much during my stay, though they do feature rainforest and “car wash” style shower heads.

a bathroom with a shower and sink  a shower with a shower head and shower head
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Shower

Even the bathrooms are separated into individual rooms at this lounge (when this one was occupied, I was invited to use one of the shower suites as a bathroom).

a bathroom with a sink and mirror
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Enclosed Bathroom

For what it’s worth, there’s also an accessible shower room, which I was able to peek my head into.

a bathroom with shower and sink
Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Accessible Shower

There’s also a business center, though I didn’t catch a photo of that during my stay.

Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow WiFi

WiFi was easy to connect to, and fast. I didn’t do a speed test, though had no issues loading anything during my stay, from YouTube videos, to other online content.

Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow Service

All of the attendants at this lounge were very friendly and eager to please. I wouldn’t say there was seamless communication – for example, when I tried to order a steak at 10:30 AM, I’d have hoped for it to be served proactively once the kitchen opened for lunch, or at least asked whether I’d want to proceed with my order, given that the restaurant was otherwise empty. That’s a nitpick, though, and an easy fix to elevate an already premium experience.

Bottom Line: Qatar Airways Lounge London Heathrow

Qatar Airways’ Heathrow lounge for first and business class passengers is sublime, with a good seating arrangement, outstanding a-la-carte food and beverages, and great facilities. Keep in mind that this is a highly exclusive arrangement available to Qatar Airways premium cabin passengers departing London Heathrow, Beirut, Paris, Singapore, and Bangkok – out of most Qatar Airways destinations, you’ll be using a lounge operated by a partner airline. (Qatar Airways does have a similarly excellent a la carte menu in their lounges at Doha Airport, though they operate on a much larger scale.)

What an excellent way to start a flight, which in this case was great, too.

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