Review: Emirates Business Lounge Concourse C, Dubai Airport (DXB)

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Emirates 777 Business Class Hong Kong to Dubai
Emirates Business Lounge Dubai Concourse C
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Emirates Business Lounge Dubai Concourse A
Emirates A380 Business Class Dubai to London

Our flight landed at gate C17, which was in Dubai Airport’s Concourse C. Emirates features lounges in all concourses in Terminal 3, so I decided to check out the lounge in Concourse C first, as it was right next to the transfer area.

The lounge is situated near gate C11. Dubai Airport’s Concourse C is relatively quieter than Concourse A and Concourse B, as you have to walk through Concourse B to get there (so it’s not the ideal place for duty free shops).

Dubai Airport Concourse C

The lounge itself is located right across the First Class lounge, and it’s actually quite big. I was visiting the lounge in the middle of the day, and it was really empty. It featured two levels, with the lower level featuring mostly of a food spread and armchair-style seating, and more varieties of seating on the upper deck.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai Concourse C 

The lounge was quite no-frills, though was impressive in the sense that it easily rivalled some airlines’ hub lounges in size (keep in mind that Emirates has much larger lounges by their A and B gates, which I’ll be reviewing very shortly). I believe the lounge has been recently refurbished, and despite the fact that the wooden furnishings felt quite dated, I thought the furniture was new and quite comfortable.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai Concourse C Lower Level

The “business center” area featured two PC computers and a printer, though I don’t remember there being any booths for laptop computers.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai Concourse C Business Center

Further inside the lounge was a dining area, with an immaculate table setup. It consisted of many tables with two chairs facing each other.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai Concourse C Table Seating

There was also an upper deck area, which was a little smaller than the lower deck area, though was also quiet and mostly empty. To one side were some armchairs, which seemed plusher and more comfortable than the ones on the lower floor.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai Concourse C Upper Level Seating

Further into the lounge I found some loungers, which had ottomans. They seemed very comfortable for a longer layover, though I don’t think I’d be able to spend time there overnight.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai Concourse C Upper Level Loungers

On the other side of the upper deck was a smoking area, which also faced the terminal. I’m not actually sure how useful that was, since the smoke would be exposed to the terminal anyway, though I appreciated the effort.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai Concourse C Smoking Area

There was a food spread on each floor, and they were similar on both floors. The food spread featured various cold options, including some cakes, as well as hot options, most of which seemed to be quite local (including curry, etc.). In terms of cold options, many elements of the mezze were available, as well as other options, including chickpeas, etc..

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai Concourse C Food Spread

In addition, there was an ice cream carton, which was advertised as “The Cream Tub”, and homemade. I didn’t actually have an opportunity to try the ice cream, though it was a gallant effort to differentiate the lounge and make it somewhat more interesting.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai Concourse C Ice Cream

In addition, there was a paid shoe shine service. I’m not sure why the lounge featured it, given it wasn’t a free service and the prices were somewhat steep, though I sure appreciated the option.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai Concourse C Shoe Shine

In addition, on the ground floor, showers were provided. I asked if I could check out the shower rooms, and the shower attendant quickly arranged to set up an amenity setup that they normally only do in the First Class lounge (which featured a comb, toiletries and two towels laid out on a bench). I didn’t use the shower rooms, though they were on the small side, without a toilet. They bathroom featured Voya amenities, much like the Hong Kong lounge.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai Concourse C Showers

After I briefly checked out the Concourse C lounge, I asked a friendly lounge attendant how long it’d take to check out both the concourse A and B lounges. He advised that concourse A was slightly far away, though it’d take a roundtrip of around 45 minutes, so I went ahead to check out both lounges.

Bottom Line: Emirates Concourse C Lounge Dubai

Emirates’ Concourse C is rather bare-bones, and certainly can’t compare to the Concourse A or B lounge. Despite that, I found it quite pleasant, and the seating comfortable. On a quiet day, the loungers on the upper deck could really potentially be a good place to spend some time.

That being said, the amenities solely consist of showers and a decent food spread (Emirates’ Concourse A and B lounges both feature more extensive amenities), so I’d check out those lounges if I had more time. If you’re departing from concourse C and don’t have too much time to burn, though, I wouldn’t mind checking out this lounge.

What’s your favourite Emirates lounge at Dubai Airport?

Any thoughts?

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