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Incredible Deals To Be Had Out Of Hong Kong Following Dismal Protest Situation

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Most of you are probably familiar with Hong Kong’s protests at this point. For sixteen weeks protesters and police (and, of course, the government) have been at ends, resulting in violent clashes that have been littered all throughout the city’s most populated areas. This, obviously, doesn’t bode well with Hong Kong’s economy, and there’s also an ongoing trade war between the US and China, which brings Hong Kong’s economy into its first recession in quite a while.

This is terrible news for businesses, though certainly a good time to spend. SCMP came up with a latest report with some deals that are to be had out of Hong Kong, most of which are in economy class and somewhat last-minute – so I thought I’d share them for those of you who needed it.

an airplane flying in the skyAmerican Airlines tickets to Los Angeles are going for ~HK$1,200

List of Deals

  • American Airlines is offering HK$1,200 flights between Hong Kong and Los Angeles between October 4 and 25
  • Air France is offering roundtrip flights between Hong Kong and Paris throughout October for HK$3,800

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  • Royal Brunei is offering flights to Brunei for HK$1,850 anytime up until November 30

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  • Cathay Pacific is offering select flights to/from Vancouver for HK$4,277

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  • Qatar Airways is doing one of their usual fare sales, and is selling roundtrip flights to select destinations in Europe from HK$4,275 (though this isn’t anything new, since they do it all the time)

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Bottom Line

Certainly American Airlines’ HK$1,200 fare is the most attractive by far, though there are many deals to be had for travel out of Hong Kong throughout October. Keep in mind the SCMP site only listed travel out of Hong Kong, so you might find even cheaper deals for flights into Hong Kong, since I imagine there’s even less demand there at this point in time. Feel free to share any deals you find with me, and I’ll update the post accordingly.

This is a dark time for Hong Kong, though sustaining travel in and out of Hong Kong is a good way to boost spending in the economy. If you need to travel to any of the above destinations in October, I highly recommend you start booking now, so you can take advantage of one of the aforementioned deals.

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