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Quick Update – We’re Back (Soon)!

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Hi everyone!

Aviation blogging has always been a hobby, but it’s also been a passion. I’m very glad that I’ve gotten so much support thus far, be it through comments, my YouTube channel, or on my Instagram page, The Alviator. I can’t take for granted the fact that people are taking time out of their day to read some of the tips and reviews that my team and I have posted on my blog thus far.

On that note, I realise that posts have been drastically reduced lately. I wanted to post to promise those that continue to read the blog every so often that we’ll be back…as soon as next week. As far as life updates go, I’m a few days away from finishing my high school career as I push through the end of exams, and Jason, Ethan and Mallesh all have busy travel schedules planned.

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I’ll be posting as early as Thursday, and my plans are to roll out my Thailand trip report, which has been in the waiting for a bit. I promised I’d be able to post weekly, though did note that there was no guarantee I’d be able to keep up – unfortunately I fell behind through school work, so I’ll guarantee the entire report will be up by the end of the month. It’ll include reviews of the Siam Kempinski in Bangkok, as well as a review in Thai Airways A330 business class.

an airplane with seats and people in the backgroundThai Airways Airbus A330 Business Class

For full transparency, over the next month I’ll also be reviewing Japan Airlines’ reverse herringbone 777 business class, ScootBiz on their 787, Cathay Pacific’s regional business class (which I haven’t visited since 2016), Cathay Pacific’s A350-1000 economy class, as well as Cathay Pacific’s 10-abreast economy class on their 777, which I’m excited to finally try out.

a large airplane parked at an airportScoot Boeing 787 Taipei Airport

In addition to that, I also have a trip planned in Qatar Airways’ QSuites, which I’ve mentioned before, as well as a flight in Cathay Pacific first class (though that’s a while away). I’m trying to get myself on either British Airways or Etihad business class on the way to London, which you can now book online with American AAdvantage miles. All of these trip reports are due to come soon, which I’m excited for.

The YTHK team will also be flying this summer:

  • British Airways 777 business class
  • American Airlines 787 domestic first class
  • American Airlines A321, A319, 737 domestic first class
  • Cathay Pacific A350-1000 premium economy

Bottom Line

I know that there are bigger and better blogs out there, so I wholeheartedly thank those that continue to support us among busy times. We’re here as students-turned-travelers to provide a fresh, exciting perspective on aviation, and not to compete with full-time bloggers that, admittedly, roll out content much more consistently than we do, so we’re lucky that you guys all continue to support. And, as promised, stay tuned, as we’ll be full-on with content, by the earliest, the end of next week!


  1. Good job on reporting back to your readers and engaging with them. Now maybe CX can take a leaf out of your book…

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