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The New Turkish Airlines Lounge In Bangkok

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Thai Airways has a massive hub in Bangkok, and their ground services are definitely unique. They have an amazing spa service which they offer to first and business class passengers flying on their metal, which I took advantage of flying yesterday. Unfortunately, apart from that, their ground services are rather dismal — they have 6 lounges for business class passengers, none of which are particularly impressive.

If you’re flying a Star Alliance airline out of Bangkok in business class (other than Thai Airways, or if you’re not looking for a massage), I’d actually suggest you use the EVA Air lounge instead, which has better seating, better showers, and a more appealing food spread.

That’s why I was particularly excited when I stumbled upon a Turkish Airlines lounge when I was walking around Bangkok Airport. I didn’t know they had a lounge in Bangkok, so I was curious to check it out.

a sign on a buildingTurkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok Airport

Sure enough, the lounge was still under construction (I was planning to sneak in for pictures given the doors weren’t locked, though there were people inside — oops, lesson learnt). I asked nicely if I could take a couple of photos, and they were initially hesitant as the lounge was “under construction” — though they agreed to frame a couple of photos for me to take.

a reception desk in a hotelTurkish Airlines Business Class Lounge Bangkok

The lounge itself was modern, and featured an earthy colour palette. It featured a large room with some comfortable armchairs, as well as swivel chairs that faced the tarmac.

a room with chairs and tablesTurkish Airlines Business Class Lounge Bangkok

I don’t know about you, but to me the decor is leaps and bounds ahead of what any of Thai Airways’ lounges offer. In addition, the seating also looked comfortable.

a room with chairs and tablesTurkish Airlines Business Class Lounge Bangkok

The other side of the lounge featured a bar, and I saw a food spread in the distance. Obviously I have no idea what the bar or the food spread will offer, though the spaces looked really nice.

a room with a bar and chairsTurkish Airlines Business Class Lounge Bangkok

I didn’t think the lounge staff were overly comfortable with me being there (for good reason), so I promptly left, giddy at my unexpected exploration.

Bottom Line

I’m not so sure when exactly this lounge will open to Star Alliance Gold members and business class passengers, though this is a really nice lounge. The hardware isn’t anything outstanding (and no, I’m not expecting an a-la-carte menu or anything), though it does look comfortable and really well-designed.

Turkish Airlines operates two flights per day out of Bangkok, which doesn’t seem like a lot for them to operate their own lounge. That being said, I know airlines that operate one daily flight out of an outstation where they also have their own lounge.

This lounge makes the Thai Airways lounges look sad, in comparison.

What do you think about Turkish Airlines’ new lounge at Bangkok Airport?

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