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A Great Way To Spend Your KrisFlyer Miles

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Last week I booked an itinerary for myself that gave me a direct turn to Taipei for 40,000 KrisFlyer miles. Now, I know that that’s not a good deal, but it seemed like a good chance to try the EVA 787. After reevaluating I decided I was an idiot, and I probably should’ve flown Singapore Airlines to Singapore as a direct turn, so I’d be getting more value for each mile I was spending. Turns out it gets worse. 😉

You can fly from Hong Kong to Perth for 65,000 miles, and on the way you’d get to try out Singapore Airlines’ 787 business class, new A380 business class, and old 777 business class with reasonable layovers each way.

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Grrr, even though I’m 5k miles short, I’m so tempted to pay the US$75 cancellation fee and rebook this segment in the later future. Singapore Airlines’ 787 features a “regional” product with staggered seats – they’re not my absolute favourite configuration out there, but they’re more than sufficient for a 5-hour flight.

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Singapore Airlines Boeing 787 Business Class

I’ve always been fascinated to try their new A380 business class, which I’ve heard is a step up from their current 777/A350 product, despite being much denser. I’d like to see how efficiently the seat uses space, especially in bed mode.

a seat in a planeSingapore Airlines Airbus A380 Business Class

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I’m not encouraging you to do a direct turn from Hong Kong to Perth, but if you need to travel between Zone 1 and Perth, I’d highly advise you to use up your spare KrisFlyer miles. I’m not sure how often I’d actually be flying a Star Alliance carrier, so wouldn’t know when I’d get to go to Perth using my own KrisFlyer stash – so I’m not kicking myself about not booking this itinerary in place of the EVA 787 itinerary too much. But booking a KrisFlyer redemption from Zone 1 to Perth is definitely a sweet spot, for sure.

What are some other sweet spots you can book using KrisFlyer miles?

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  1. I think you will enjoy this more than the BR 787! As a reader, I would too. You can try to get the extra miles through shopping portals, etc. But that will be a much better use of them!

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