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NEXT UP: Royal Brunei’s A320neo

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I’m in Hong Kong, having spent the last three months on the ground. The last two months have been a PITA – while I’m closer to university life and the prospect of flying between Europe and Asia continually than ever before, it sure isn’t easy to get there, and I’m sorry for the lack of posts in the meantime.

I’ve gotten endless support from a multitude of friends and fans. One of these friends you guys may know is Josh Cahill, who’s one of the most dedicated aviation YouTubers out there; while I’ve continued to get overloaded on all fronts, Josh has been behind me, giving me a plethora of ideas about how I can keep this blog at its best with the schedule that I operate on. The least I could do is give him a little public gratitude, so if you have free time on your hands, check out his video trip reports on YouTube (while I’ve been stuck on the ground for the last three months, I don’t think Josh’s spent any more than three days on the ground throughout the past few months, so a lot of terrific content is being generated on his channel every week).

I’m excited to announce that I’ll finally be off the ground later this week. I’ll be headed to Bandar Seri Begawan for a few days on Royal Brunei.

a white airplane on a runwayRoyal Brunei Airbus A320 Hong Kong Airport

The cool thing is that they’ll be operating their A320neo on both of my flights, which I haven’t read much about at all out there. I’ll be flying in economy, and the seats seem to have personal entertainment monitors, which screams “sexy” on a narrowbody aircraft.

a group of men sitting in an airplaneRoyal Brunei Airbus A320neo Economy Class

Royal Brunei used to have a really nice distinction between their A320neo and A320 products on their website. They’ve since removed that (presumably since their older A320s don’t look as appealing), but I’ve still been obsessively checking out their website regarding the product I’ll be getting, since Royal Brunei has one of the clearer (commercial)  writeups of their own airline cabin out there.

I’ll be flying with school so I might have issues getting the best footage onboard, though I’ll try my very best. Stay tuned for more details of the trip, and more posts as well as I’ll be freer in the capital next week!

Are you looking forward to my review of Royal Brunei’s A320neo?

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