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Review: British Airways Lounge, Amsterdam Airport (AMS)

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We arrived at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport around 3 hours before departure and made a beeline for the British Airways counters. Since we were at the airport so early, there was barely anyone in line. Thanks to my oneworld Ruby status, I was able to use the Club Europe check-in counters.

IMG_0805British Airways Amsterdam Airport Check-In 

We cleared immigration and security, which were both quick and efficient. We ended up in the terminal with around two hours to kill. We made a beeline for the British Airways lounge, which we had access to thanks to my mothers oneworld Sapphire status. However, to reach the lounge, we spent around 20 minutes wandering around trying to follow poor signage to the lounge.

Eventually, we made it to the lounge. We were admitted by two ground staff who reminded us that a boarding announcement would be made. The lounge was recently renovated by British Airways and is in their latest style and is partitioned into two sections. The first part of the lounge featured a dining area, along with a long communal table.

IMG_0807British Airways Galleries Lounge Amsterdam Dining Area

IMG_0808British Airways Galleries Lounge Amsterdam Dining Area

There was a long table which was partitioned up into individual working areas and featured a plethora of power ports, the picture of which I can’t seem to find.

IMG_0809British Airways Galleries Lounge Amsterdam Seating

In the back, there was a lounging area with a variety of armchairs. There was an abundance of power ports between the seats, unlike at their flagship lounges at London Heathrow.

IMG_0810British Airways Galleries Lounge Amsterdam Seating 

Overall, I liked the design of the lounge. While everything was generic, everything looked modern and was really practically designed. The large floor to ceiling windows also meant the lounge had lots of natural light and plenty of good views for an avgeek like me.

Given that my flight was departing at 7:10PM and would land in London at around 7:15PM, I thought that there would be some dinner-like food in the lounge. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

There were three juice/water dispensers and two espresso machines with a variety of hot espresso-based beverages, as well as teabags and teapots. The British really do take their tea seriously…

IMG_0812British Airways Galleries Lounge Amsterdam Drinks 

There was also a chilled selection of cold cuts and cheese, as well as some soup and salad options.

IMG_0815British Airways Galleries Lounge Amsterdam Food Spread 

There was also an abundance of liquors and alcohol. Underneath the alcohol were chillers with a variety of sodas and beer.

IMG_0816British Airways Galleries Lounge Amsterdam Liquor

For a lounge where the majority of space is dedicated to a dining area, and catering to passengers for a dinnertime flight, the food selection was incredibly lackluster. I’m not expecting a full five-course meal with table options, but some hot options such as a pasta or a curry would have provided some much-needed sustenance.

The lounge didn’t have toilets. The toilets were instead located right outside of the lounge, and are shared with the Aspire Lounge next door, so I have no complaints.

Bottom Line: British Airways Lounge Amsterdam

The British Airways lounge is pretty average. While the lounge itself is modern and nicely appointed, the food options were pretty half-assed. While it is nicer than just waiting in the gate area, I would just skip the lounge and head to a cafe or restaurant in the terminal if I were to fly out of Amsterdam with BA again.

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  1. Since the start of the month Aviapartner’s new premium services brand, Prima Vista Group, has partnered with British Airways to assume full management of their lounge at Amsterdam Schiphol.

    “BA passengers travelling from Amsterdam can look forward to a new premium lounge experience. Prima Vista will refresh the food and beverage menu with an innovative, high-end offering, and a different menu will be exclusively designed by a professional chef each season. Passengers will be able to enjoy special monthly events with the latest technology and food and beverage experiences, such as bartender and barista events, offering new drinks.”

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