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I’ll be in the UK for university in a couple of years, and for the next year and a bit I’ll be swamped with trips to the U.K., which I’m happy about. While London is by no means a low-yield travel market, my travel options to London are probably numerous enough to last for me to take a different airline for each trip between Hong Kong and London. So in late June, I’ll be traveling to London yet again.

There are two distinct differences this time, though. The first is that my dad is coming with me. This opens up premium cabin options, as well as they’re (somewhat) reasonably priced. It also means that he won’t be up for any crazy connections, since he still has a rather rigid work schedule to stick to. The second is that I’ll be in London for less than a week, then I’ll be flying back. This gives me a lot less time to play around with, and as much as I’d love to connect, I’m best off sticking to a quick direct nighttime flight to and from London each way.

a bridge over water with a boat in the backgroundLondon, United Kingdom

This left me two compelling options with similar prices, and I’m wondering which one will interest you guys more, for the few of you that read this blog on a regular basis. Once again, thanks for sticking by, and dealing with the pretentiousness that is to come. Now, here we go:

British Airways A380 Club World and 777 Premium Economy (~HK$25,000)

British Airways has a business class product that I know is beyond subpar. While they’ve updated their soft product to include The White Company bedding and they’ve upgraded their dining in the meantime, I feel pretty bad dragging my dad onto a business class product whose quality I have no faith in (especially after I recommended him to take Qatar Airways last year, which he loved). Then again, my dad knows about the quality of the product coming in, and I feel like my opportunities to fly in business class are limited, so I might as well fly a product that I haven’t photographed before.

The fun thing about British Airways is that I know that they have a really good arrivals lounge in London, which I’ll be spending a couple of hours in as I’ll be attending a university event on the same day. While a shower is all I need, an English breakfast with a-la-carte options and a massive lounge with 94 shower suites doesn’t hurt. 😉 Furthermore, I’d be visiting The Deck, Cathay Pacific’s newest lounge, on departure, which I wouldn’t otherwise get to visit (I’m flying Cathay Pacific this month, though my only other travel plans are on Hong Kong Airlines).

IMG_0181British Airways Airbus A380 Hong Kong Airport

Virgin Atlantic 787 Upper Class and Economy Class (~HK$22,000)

I’ve reviewed Virgin Atlantic economy class before, and have reviewed Virgin Atlantic’s premium economy numerous times (here, here and here). While I’d be excited to review Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class, I’ve reviewed both Virgin Atlantic economy and premium economy, so it would be one less cabin product to try. At the same time, Virgin Atlantic’s arrivals lounge looks distinctly smaller, even if there’s still an a-la-carte menu. Additionally, I’ve photographed all cabins on previous flights, so the marginal benefit of each flight in terms of blog value is less than it would be on British Airways. So British Airways would be my personal preference, and were I travelling alone, I’d have my choice down by now.

The issue is that my dad loves the new Virgin Atlantic cabins. He says he doesn’t mind, but he’s flown British Airways before, so pretty much has opposite sentiments to me. Then again, isn’t he going to visit me in the UK in the future? 😉

inside an airplane with purple lightsVirgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Upper Class Cabin

While I have the chance to fly premium economy again, at this point I think I’ve reviewed Virgin Atlantic’s premium economy too much for a review to add any extra value. If anything, I want to see if my second flight in Virgin Atlantic 787 economy is any better than my first. That raises the issue that I’d really like my dad to visit the stunning Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, but he says he’s not going without me, and I can’t pay my way in unless I’m in premium economy, and…

Which flight would you like to see reviewed?

I get that this post seems pretentious, as I’d have a flight in business class either way. I love writing, though, and I want to make sure I’m bringing everyone content that they’d love to read. This is why I’m bringing the choice towards you guys, so I can see which product you’d most like me to review.

At this point I’m probably leaning towards making my dad happy, as I’ve racked up enough Cathay Pacific Asia Miles to score myself British Airways award tickets in the far future. Meanwhile I’m sticking to oneworld as I get into university, so my opportunities on Virgin Atlantic will be limited.

But then there’s the lounge situation, and the photograph situation, and…

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Thanks for helping me follow my passion rationally!

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