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In commercial aviation today, the most anticipated product unveilings are Singapore Airlines’ new A380 products, and Emirates’ new A380 products. Singapore Airlines plans to unveil their new A380 products tomorrow, and Emirates will do so for their products at the Dubai Air Show next Sunday, November 12th.

Singapore Airlines currently has a product on the A380 that is incredible, though not perfect. They set the industry standard when introducing their Suites in 2006, but the novelty of the product has faded as more airlines introduced their first class products on the A380 in the meantime.

a seat in a planeSingapore Airlines Airbus A380 Suites Class

Well, FlyerTalk and SQTalk have released leaked images of Singapore Airlines’ Suites Class. I had the chance to look at the photos yesterday, and am pretty sure that these are somewhere pretty close, if not exactly the final layout.

The suites themselves are modern and sleek-looking, with a black leather chair capable of swiveling (though will face upright upon taxi, takeoff and landing). I was also put off by the disgusting yellow hint before realising that the yellow we see is just the yellow wall situated on the side of the room the mockups are housed in.

a chair in a room
Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 New Suites Class

There’s a large TV in front of the bed in all cases, though in the case of suite 1A it seems like there’s a TV in front of the lounging chair as well. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case for suite 2A. (Based on the below picture you’d hypothesise that the TV is in front of the bed, though the wall in front of suite 2A retracts to form a double bed between suites 1A and 2A. The only possibility is that suite 2A features a separate TV that folds out from under the armrest of the lounging seat.)

a room with a bed and chairs
Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 New Suites Class

Each suite will feature a separate bed, which looks plush and comfy, and is the second suite you can actually walk around in when the doors are closed, after Etihad’s A380 Apartments.

a bed and a chair in a plane
Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 New Suites Class

As aforementioned, suites 1A and 2A open up to form a double bed, though I’ve heard that suites 1K and 2K don’t have the same capability. Those booked in Singapore Suites flying together might want to select seats 1A and 2A if they’d like to spoon mid-flight.

a room with two beds and a chair
Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 New Suites Class

What do I think of these new interiors?

Overall, there’s no questioning that the suite will be the best in the industry. This new suite definitely seems to take up more square footage than Etihad’s A380 first class, and seems to be pretty practically designed – I can’t see any power ports in the photo, and ideally there’d be one by the chair for working, as well as a few USB ports by the bed. The seat is definitely reminiscent of a small hotel room and those booked on this product should be very excited.

However, the colour tones are questionable – while I love the colour black, it doesn’t seem too fitting for Singapore Airlines’ colour tones. I’m also hoping to see more details, such as how far back the lounging seat goes, if there’ll be a fold-out desk for working, etc.. From the picture alone it doesn’t seem like there’s an actual platform to place a laptop, which seems like a missed opportunity, in my opinion.

Bottom Line

I can’t wait for Singapore Airlines’ product reveals tomorrow, and can’t wait to see how their business class and premium economy products will look like. While Singapore Airlines’ A380 premium economy is great, their business class seats are getting ever so slightly dated. I’ve heard allegations that these new seats will have doors, which makes me all the more excited.

a seat in an airplaneSingapore Airlines Airbus A380 Business Class 

Who else is excited for Singapore Airlines’ new product reveals?

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