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As I was holding a Star Alliance ticket in Bangkok yesterday, I had access to an extraordinary amount of lounges. Thai Airways operates a staggering five lounges open to business class passengers, and EVA Air and Singapore Airlines each operate lounges in Bangkok as well.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

We got to the airport at 1:30 PM, and were unexpectedly directed to a fast track lane, where were through immigration by 1:45 PM. This left me with more than an hour to tour all of Bangkok Airport’s Star Alliance lounges before boarding time, as well as leaving my parents a ton of time to shop.

Right after the fast track lane was an entrance to Thai’s biggest Royal Silk lounge, located in Concourse D. The lounge was large, but devoid of sleeping rooms, shower suites, etc.

Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok Concourse D

That’s because the Concourse D lounge hosts the Royal Orchid Spa, where all first class passengers are entitled to a selection of 60-minute treatments, and business class passengers are entitled to a selection of 30-minute treatments. I wasn’t up for a treatment (my gym goal is to strengthen my upper back, not loosen it, and I didn’t have 30 minutes to spare anyway), so I sent my mother to be my witness. She described her 30-minute neck and shoulder massage to be “sooo good”.

Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa Bangkok Airport

Then it was off to Singapore Airlines’ lounge in Bangkok, which features a bar as well as the best decor of the lot, though lacks showers. Thai Airways’ Concourse D lounge features a bar as well, but the bar at this lounge is far more inviting. WiFi also worked the best of the lot.

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge Bangkok Airport

I was then off to Thai Airways’ Royal Silk lounge at Concourse E, which features a lot of old, dated seating (though was, ultimately, comfortable). I’m bummed that I missed the Royal Orchid lounge right across since I initially believed it was only for first class passengers, though there’s nothing at the Royal Orchid lounge that none of the other lounges have anyway.

Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok Concourse E

I was then headed to the psychedelic EVA Air’s lounge at Bangkok for some ice cream and a shower. I’m not going to deny the allegations that this lounge is the best of the lot, though it was crowded (probably since there were two EVA Air flights departing within half an hour of each other) and tackier than I’d expected.

EVA Air Lounge Bangkok

I then headed towards Concourse C to board my flight, and was confused over the fact that there were two Royal Silk lounges opposite one another. I can’t tell the difference between the two, apart from the fact that one was more well-equipped.

As you’d expect, I stopped by both lounges – the East lounge might as well not have existed, since the West lounge had everything the East lounge had and more (add in the fact that neither lounge was anywhere near capacity, and a lot of Thai Airways flights were departing from Concourse C at the time).

Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok Concourse C East

Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok Concourse C West

From there I was headed onto my flight back to Hong Kong.

Bottom Line

It’s kind of disappointing that there are seven Star Alliance lounges open to business class passengers, yet neither of them are great. The Singapore Airlines and EVA Air lounges had everything that the Thai Airways lounges did, minus the massage.

I appreciate that Thai Airways is trying not to be extra (which is their brand image anyway, and I’ve reiterated multiple times that I like their commitment to their own image in general), though Thai Airways’ lounges underwhelm. I’d still get to the airport early for the massage if I needed one, though, as my mother said it was great.

I’ll talk about each of these lounges separately during my trip report, and do a full comparison deciding which lounge you should use at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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