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Hong Kong Airlines is an airline I’ve always wanted to try. They seem to have their branding set – they’re not focused on being a premium airline, but rather just to bring a functional, comfortable product that’s “very Hong Kong”. As much as I doubt “very Hong Kong” is always a good thing, at least they commit to their brand – I digress.

a plane flying in the skyHong Kong Airlines Airbus A330-300 Hong Kong Airport

The newest aircraft that Hong Kong Airlines is delivering is their A350. They’re up against stiff competition, as Cathay Pacific also has A350s, which feature great reverse herringbone seats in business class – I’d consider Cathay Pacific’s A350 seats some of the best airline seats across all cabins.

IMG_0593Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-900 Business Class Seat

Well, Hong Kong Airlines has now released pictures of their first A350 cabins, and has announced that they will be flying the aircraft to Bangkok, Shanghai Hongqiao, and Taipei Taoyuan from September 15th, 2017.

These routes to and from Bangkok will operate on the A350:

Hong Kong Airlines 769 Hong Kong to Bangkok dep 00:35 arr 02:35
Hong Kong Airlines 780 Bangkok to Hong Kong dep 03:35 arr 07:55

These routes to and from Shanghai Hongqiao will operate on the A350:

Hong Kong Airlines 238 Hong Kong to Shanghai dep 15:25 arr 18:00
Hong Kong Airlines 239 Shanghai to Hong Kong dep 19:15 arr 21:45

These routes to and from Taipei Taoyuan will operate on the A350:

Hong Kong Airlines 252 Hong Kong to Taipei dep 09:10 arr 11:15
Hong Kong Airlines 253 Taipei to Hong Kong dep 12:15 arr 14:15

img_2534Taipei Taoyuan Airport will see Hong Kong Airlines’ A350

The A350 is only loaded into the schedule until October 28th, 2017, though expect more and more routes to be run by the A350.

Hong Kong Airlines also released pictures of their new A350 interiors on their website yesterday. Their economy class looks sleek and akin to LATAM’s A350 economy class product.

rows of seats in an airplaneHong Kong Airlines Airbus A350-900 Economy CLass

Now here’s the interesting bit. Hong Kong Airlines has announced that they’d introduce reverse herringbone seats in business class, which will be B/E Aerospace Super Diamond seats, similar to what you find on Qatar Airways’ aircraft.

a seat in a planeHong Kong Airlines’ business class product will eventually be akin to Qatar Airways’ business class product with a few minor differences

However, that isn’t the case for the first three A350s that Hong Kong Airlines will be taking delivery of – they will feature Hong Kong Airlines’ current staggered product. While I’d be happy with the product as it’s still fully flat, I certainly prefer reverse herringbone seats as they offer increased storage options and all seats are equally private. While I’d be thrilled if I was cocooned in one of the windowside seats by the window, I wouldn’t be as thrilled if I was on one of the seats more exposed towards the aisle.

Fitting some A350s with one business class product and the other A350 products with another certainly isn’t a great way to ensure product consistency!

a row of red and white seats Hong Kong Airlines Airbus A350-900 Business Class

a row of seats in an airplaneHong Kong Airlines Airbus A350-900 Business Class

Bottom Line

Hong Kong Airlines’ A350 seats are great – their staggered seats are above par, and their reverse herringbone seats will be industry leading. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of product consistency – it’s a little worrying, especially during seat selection when equipment swaps are likely, when two different products are introduced on the same aircraft on a longhaul flight.

I can’t wait to get on one of these A350s, though, on one of their shorter flights from Hong Kong to Taipei, Shanghai, Bangkok, or wherever these A350s will fly in the future.

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  1. Looking at the schedule, all these routes are just served by a single A350. If there’s any delay to any of the actual flight, all subsequent flights will be delayed.

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