YAY: Some Airlines Are No Longer Subjected To The U.S. Electronics Ban

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Back in March, the United States introduced a rather asinine electronics ban policy that extended to several airlines. I wrote about it at the time – I am always supportive of safety onboard a flight, but you’d have figured that people intending to harm have found other ways to sneak their devices onboard flights by now.


A while ago the U.S. announced that if airports became compliant with a series of enhanced security measures, large electronic devices would once again be allowed on flights between these airports and the U.S.. I’m happy to say that a few airlines have been compliant with these new safety measures, and on certain airlines, you will once again be able to bring your laptops, iPads and cameras onboard flights.

These airlines include Emirates, Etihad, Turkish Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Royal Jordanian and Qatar Airways, who have increased security measures in their respective hubs. I won’t be outlining these changes as I need to make a quick post, but I’m certainly happy for these changes.

an airplane on the tarmac at nightQatar Airways passengers to the U.S. will now be able to bring their electronics onboard

Bottom Line

These changes never made sense to me, so I’m happy that you can once again bring electronics onboard flights. Remaining airlines impacted by the ban include Egyptair, Royal Air Maroc and Saudia, the latter of which has announced that their ban will probably be lifted by July 19th. I’m in the UK right now, where the ban is still imposed on all affected countries including Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

I’m happy to see this ban go, as the aviation world was bracing itself for a widespread electronics ban akin to the liquids ban that we see these days.

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