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American Airlines is an airline that I’ve wanted to try for long. As much as people rag on them, they offer a business class seat just as good as Cathay Pacific’s (as it’s the same seat), with Bose headphones, pajamas, WiFi, and other perks that you wouldn’t find on Cathay Pacific. However, they do price quite a bit between Hong Kong and the U.S., and I haven’t wracked up enough AAdvantage miles to be able to redeem flights to the United States. I’m not actually planning to visit the U.S. in the near future, though this could be valuable to those that do.

a large airplane on a runwayAmerican Boeing 777-300ER Hong Kong Airport

Throughout the far future, American is offering ~HK$16,000 fares to Seattle, WA. I’ve seen some of these fares during Christmas, and stretching as far back as Easter.

a screenshot of a computer

For next Easter I’ve only been able to route through Seattle for the fare to work, though for Christmas, I was able to route myself through Dallas as well. I’ve heard food and service is quite good on them as well, at least on their longhaul routes, so if I were going to Seattle I’d be keen to try them out.

IMG_6357.jpgThe Cathay Pacific and American seats are quite similar

Bottom Line

I don’t see myself going to Seattle anytime soon, as my travel calendar is booked out as of now. However, I do think this deal will be valuable to some of you. HK$16,000 is cheaper than most other airfares you can book out of Hong Kong for a 16-hour flight, especially to the U.S., where other routes can charge upwards of HK$30,000.

I feel like this deal will last, but just in case it doesn’t, you should book swiftly.

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