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Our family is currently in the process of planning a trip to Australia in February, so having some free time (finally!) after exams, I decided to have a look at the possible options. There were many options that were compelling to an extent, though everything was rather pricey (which is expected, as it’s June, where everyone’s starting to book their travels “far” in advance). I’m currently stumped at four options, and I’m really starting to wonder which one’s the best.

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I’ll run down my list of options, and I’ll see if consulting y’all can give me a better idea of where our family can go over the summer.

Option 1: Cathay Pacific 777 Business Class to Sydney and Visiting Sydney

This morning I found a Cathay Pacific package to Sydney for HK$120,000 which would involve business class tickets for four people and a hotel room at the Westin Sydney for seven nights. I find that a rather nice deal, as the Westin Sydney’s rooms are currently going for around HK$3400 a night, and our family would need two of them. Using those values, we’re essentially bringing the value of a Cathay Pacific business class seat for 10 hours to HK$18,000 per person. Sydney will also entertain our family, since I’m much of a city person, and Hailey’s favourite brands all have their headquarters in the area. It would also be nice to revisit Cathay Pacific’s 777-300ER business class.

a seat on a planeCathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Business Class

That said, I’m wondering whether two flights in Cathay Pacific 777 business class and seven days in Sydney would entertain the blog as much as I’d want it to.

Option 2: Singapore Airlines A380/777 Business Class to Sydney and Visiting Sydney

If I’m not looking for a package, Sydney offers A380 and 777 service to Sydney, and I’d be able to trial their older international business class product, their newer business class product, and their regional business class product from Singapore to Hong Kong. It’s also priced rather cheaply for Singapore Airlines (~HK$19,000), and there’s a lot of hotel flexibility that can be made if we choose Singapore Airlines. Flying Singapore Airlines business class has also been on my bucket list for a long time, though I’m wondering if it would be any more valuable of a review than Cathay Pacific business class.

a seat with pillows and a blanket on itSingapore Airlines Airbus A380 Business Class

Option 3: Cathay Pacific A350/Qantas 717 Business Class to Hobart and Visiting Tasmania

My dad really wants to visit Tasmania, and he finds HK$27,000 per person in business class to be an acceptable deal. While I wouldn’t say the same, I’m not complaining if it means that I get to review an extra airline product and cross the Boeing 717 off my list. That said, is there enough to do in Tasmania to cover a seven-day trip?

I have the option to fly Cathay Pacific’s A350 there through Melbourne both ways with acceptable transit times, though it does mean waking up dead early on the last day and getting on the Qantas flight by 10 AM. I’m also wondering about the value two A350 reviews would provide to the blog – I’ve reviewed the product extensively, and while I’d like to try it longhaul, I’m actually more keen to visit the product provided on the 777.

IMG_0630Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-900 Business Class

Option 4: Cathay Pacific A350/777/Qantas 717 Business Class to Hobart and Visiting Tasmania

I have the option to transit through Sydney on the way back to try the Cathay Pacific 777 as well (for HK$27,000), though it means sitting at Sydney Kingsford Smith airport (or, more accurately, the Qantas lounge) for five hours. Personally I would still take the option, though my parents might think otherwise. On the plus side, the departure time from Hobart is reasonable, at 4 PM, so we might as well take it if we wanted to since I’d get to revisit both the A350 and the 777 while still being able to take the Qantas 717.

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One thing still haunts me though, and will continue to if I pick this option. HK$27,000…really?

Bottom Line

No matter what, I’m in for a great CNY in 2018, and I’m hoping to get a little reader feedback as to which option I should choose. I’ll be sure to report back on my travels no matter which product I choose, and will also be able to review the destination, particularly if I’m visiting Tasmania (though I’m more of a city person than anything else).

Which option should I choose between Hong Kong and Australia?
Which option would be best for me?
Which option would you like to hear about?

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(For those wondering, Qantas’ prices are astronomical)

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