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Here at Young Travelers of Hong Kong, we’re committed to helping travelers make the best travel choices, especially in aviation. I’d say that as a Hong Kong-based blog, we have one of Hong Kong’s two main airlines covered really well – collectively we’ve basically flown every product that Cathay Pacific offers, apart from their A350 premium economy and economy products, which I certainly have plans to try in the far future.

IMG_0574Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-900 Premium Economy Class

However, the product that I want to try hasn’t been well documented on the internet, and as a Hong Kong-based blog, I think that it’s the single product that I’m most inclined to try in the near future.

I’m talking about Hong Kong Airlines’ new A330 business class, their flagship product (which they mostly run on regional routes, but also on all of their longhaul routes).

a plane flying in the sky
Hong Kong Airlines Airbus A330-300 Taking Off Hong Kong Airport

I’d say that Hong Kong Airlines is pretty nicely documented here on Young Travelers of Hong Kong, whether that’s across heated public debates between Jason and me, or…well, that’s about it. 😉 Hong Kong Airlines’ flagship business class product features staggered seats in a 1-2-1 configuration, which is a configuration that I’ve, shockingly, yet to try.

Image result for hong kong airlines
Hong Kong Airlines Airbus A330-300 Business Class (courtesy of Carfield from

Hong Kong Airlines publishes business class fares that I consider to be reasonable, as they’re consistently within the HK$3,000-HK$6,000 range for shorthaul flights. That’s a rate that my parents are willing to pay for, though they have their issues with Hong Kong Airlines. That said, they also have their issues with Cathay Pacific, so a cheap deal may be the way to get them to try Hong Kong Airlines’ flagship product.

Obviously, I’d also be happy if I got to try their angled flat product, so I might be able to get both of them on the same trip. I’d also be happy to try their economy class product, which seems decent (though I doubt it’ll be in the same league as Cathay Pacific’s economy product, as Hong Kong Airlines’ seat isn’t custom designed).

a screen shot of a computer
Hong Kong Airlines A330-200 Economy Class (courtesy SeatGuru)

Bottom Line

I’d really like to try and report back on Hong Kong Airlines’ business class product, as it seems to be rather well done for what it is. I’m guessing that in terms of the soft product, they’ll be in the same league as Cathay Pacific’s regional product – lacking in amenities, but decent in the food and service category. However, I’m not going to judge until I’ve actually tried them, which I hope to do so in late 2017 or mid-2018.

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