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In February I wrote about the nine travel essentials that I have with me at all times. I’m one of the most wired people I know when I travel, thanks to the amount of travel writing I do and the amount of work that I like to leave until last minute (fellow IB students rejoice). Preferably I’d be connected 24/7, though I’d at least like to have working internet when I’m situated at a hotel and need to catch up on work.

img_5236It’s not atypical for me to have my computer wherever I go

However, over the last week, I got myself a little technology update, which changes the travel essentials that I bring with me from now on – and I hope that I can bring the update towards the effectiveness of this blog as well.

First of all, Spotify’s new HK$4.90 premium promotion ended today, but it was enough for me to pull the trigger. It’s great to no longer have ads when listening to music, though I will have to report back to see if it’s worth the usual HK$58 a month.

a screenshot of a video

I normally have a rather “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” approach to what I own, which extends to my travel essentials. However, my old, trusty Plantronics headphones aren’t exactly “not broken” anymore. They’re frayed, I end up with leather bits in my hair after I use it due to the peeling padding, and the Bluetooth signal doesn’t work anymore. I don’t know if I’ve been treating them badly, or what.

So I shelled out and got myself Bose QC35 headphones. While I’m a fan of great brands, I’m not a fan of Beats, as much as I believe Dr. Dre is talented. Their headphones are just a notch below everyone else’s. My new QC35s are amazing in quality, the Bluetooth system works flawlessly, and I’ve only had really minor gripes as of now. Best of all, they come in a case, so they’re less likely to break when in my clumsy hands.

a pair of headphones in a case

How does this help the blog?

My passion is to help people make the best travel choices, and Jason and I just happen to be massive aviation geeks as well, so that’s where the blog’s focus is on. However, in order to truly contribute to all aspects of travel, we’re going to start periodically releasing some technology reviews over the summer. We might not be the single most useful resource for a technology review, though I hope the reviews will be able to help nonetheless.

I’m going to be releasing reviews of Spotify Premium and Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones in August, and I hope that you will find them valuable. Jason has rather trusty QuietComfort 25 headphones, which he will be reviewing as well.

In order to extend the technology wing of the blog, I’m also going to be reviewing more travel technology, including different travel adapters, valuable travel apps, etc.. Is anyone interested in specific gadgets or apps that I should review?

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