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Lately I’ve been happy to see you guys enjoying some of the reports here at Young Travelers of Hong Kong. I love this hobby of writing about airline travel and will forever be grateful that I get to do this on an almost monthly basis, so I do like to make sure that you guys love the content here (especially with how much my parents sometimes pay for us to have a good time).

Some of you guys actually like reading my broken English, though I get that a large number of you are here for the pictures, so I try to make sure that the photo experience is as great as possible. My parents were kind enough to get me a high-quality point and shoot camera for my birthday last year, so you bet it’s been following me around.

img_5527My camera is one of my nine travel essentials

I’ve also chosen a WordPress theme, Penscratch, that has allowed me to maximise photo size on this blog without having to pay for it (I’m kind of broke so can’t really pay my parents for this right now, though I plan to turn this website into a public domain by next year). However, even though the transition to Penscratch happened quite a while ago, there’s still a little bit of troubleshooting that we’ve been doing – and we need you to help us out.

Lately, some of our pictures have suddenly appeared at their original size instead of the resize that I’ve been performing on them. Resizing pictures on WordPress is very easy, and I’m happy to say that it only takes around 15-20 minutes to resize photos in an average trip report, and another 15 minutes to caption all the photos in it. It’s a painless process, however sometimes, the new pictures seem to end up at this size:

a screen with a map on it

On a good day this is the exception rather than the norm, and it’s also easily fixable with HTML programming. However, there are a sizeable amount of trip reports on this blog, as well as other posts that y’all may find useful, and resizing every single picture on our 380+ posts isn’t quite feasible, without a tech team behind the blog at all. You’ll see some pictures like this sometimes, and I haven’t got around to fixing them, but I’m pretty sure that these pictures can be easily missed.

Can you please do us a favour and either comment or email if a post or review needs revisiting for photo resizing? Thanks for your help, and I’m sure a little note after a few errors are found in a post can have a huge impact on the blog. I’m grateful to have people actually reading the content that I post, as I wouldn’t have dreamt of such a supportive audience after I started blogging four years ago. If you’ve read up to here at this point, I’d like to give you a massive thank you for following the blog and helping us out. I value each and every one of you that takes time to read the blog.

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