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As you all know, tonight I’ll be headed over to Zurich, then will be on a short hop to Geneva. It’ll be my first experience in intra-Europe business, and currently there isn’t much changed to that part of the trip. We did get reseated from Zurich to Geneva (due to a business class cabin that was 18 rows being downsized as there was no one sitting from rows 9-18 apart from us), but that’s about it.

img_1792Swiss Boeing 777-300ER Business Class

However, we also have a leg from Geneva to Frankfurt on February 4th. While there haven’t been any equipment swaps there, a row has been taken off business class. And as we were sitting in that row, we’ve been completely reseated.

Specifically, we don’t even have seats anymore – there are only two available seats, both of which have limited recline, and there are four of us.


Technically row 3 is blocked, though I’ve made a request to have us seated there. However, it is the first day of Chinese New Year, and chances are I’ll have to wait a bit for an answer anywhere (Lufthansa doesn’t have my favourite customer service, as they do take a while).


Bottom Line

I guess the takeaway is that you should book as far forward as you can if you’re seated in intra-Europe business class. They have full flexibility of their cabins, and you should know something’s fishy if there are 10 rows of business class unoccupied and you’re seated between them.

Has anyone had a similarly sad experience booking seats in intra-European business class?

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